Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Calgon...take me far far away.....

Yesterday the fence guys came and outlined my yard with pretty cedar posts that they dug deeply into the ground and then filled in with cement. After a day's work, they said they'd be back on Monday to finish up. WhooHOOO!

Today, while walking The Hairy Beast, the neighbor who lives kinda behind us asked if he could show me something. He showed me the pin that marks the corner of his lot. Ideally, that should run in a straight line across the back of my lot. It didn't.

We decided to investigate. We looked up the neighborhood online and found a plat mat of the 'hood with measurements. My handy dandy ever so helpful Lutheran pastor neighbor was a true Godsend. He proceded to spend the next TWO HOURS helping me (okay, um, he did most of the work) dig until we found both of the surveyor's pins on the back corners of my lot.

And....they didn't line up with where my pretty new fence posts were. Aaack!

They didn't line up to the tune of 5 feet into the neighbor's yard on one side and on the other side of the yard, that neighbor was getting about 6 feet of my yard on the outside of the fence. Double aack!

So, I decided to call The DaddyMan. The DaddyMan was of course, in the sticks somewhere and had shoddy cell reception. Since I knew he'd tell me to call the fence guys anyway, I just skipped over the "Inform husband first" step and moved on. (Remind me to tell you sometime how I skipped that step when I learned I was pregnant with G.) The fence guys were here within 30 minutes of my "Houston we have a problem" call. An hour later, they were back with machinery to rip out all but about 10 fence posts.

I'm thinkin' that I will not have a fence by the end of next week. Somehow between this snafu and the rain that's forecasted, I'm going to be walking the Hairy Beast a few more days. Oh well.

Thankfully, before all this went down, we'd done most of school for the day. We'd also bought $200 worth of groceries and managed to put away the perishables, leaving the rest scattered ALL over the kitchen. We had not managed to clean up the house from those two endeavors or lunch. I'm very humbled by the fact that both my new best friend Lutheran pastor neighbor AND the uber kind fence guy got to see my trashed house. (I think it's great that this pastor knows I was baptised and confirmed in his denomination and am now a Baptist.....gosh, he's a good guy. Or maybe he was just lookin' for sermon fodder, since he was supposed to be writing this weeks' sermon and instead he was working on my yard. Whatta nice guy!)

Um yeah, 'cause like, I homeschool and I um, am a housewife and house uh, really doesn't normally look like this.



Mary (craft addict) said...

I hope you'll share the preggo story soon. I don't think I've heard that one before

Carrie said...

Your day, crazy though it was, makes me laugh. You handle things like that so well. I so admire your ability to smile through almost anything!!!!

As my kids would say, you rock!!!!