Friday, April 4, 2008

Friends, Food and Fun

Our dear friends Scott and Carrie made the trip to visit us this week. Carrie spoke about 'intimacy' at my mom's group this week and the whole family was able to come for 2 nights. We had so much fun. I mean really, 4 adults, 8 kids and two 50+ pound dogs in 2000 square feet is bound to be fun, don'tcha think?

Carrie's talk was AMAZING! She did a wonderful job and seeing the faces of the women she encouraged was great. Considering we'd been up until almost 2 am that morning, she inspires me that she can function so well on 4 hours of sleep. I was nursing a killer headache and feelin' whiny.

Carrie and I talk on the phone multiple times a week (sometimes multiple times in the same day, thank God for unlimited long distance!). She regularly makes me laugh until I snort and this trip was no different.

Here's a list of: Things that made me laugh REALLY hard the last couple of days.

They got in late the first night and I had to put my girls to bed before they arrived. In the morning, I heard M say something to their youngest son about "gonna marry you". I swear, I'm NOT pushing that on them, but I would probably admit to praying that way. Regularly.

Someone who shall remain unmentioned, left the lid open on the toilet. Piper discovered a new source of fresh cold water and helped herself to a drink. Since Mr. Scott was being a good daddy and entertaining all the children in the middle of the floor, he was an eager target for the dog who needed to lick someone's cheek after getting a drink.

Their oldest daughter is 12. I burped, weakly and she rated it a 5. I told her it wasn't deserving a five, really only more like a 2. "You're right, but since you're feeding me, I figured I should be nice." (Okay, in type that sounds sassy, but she's SO not and it was said with such a fun tone that I cracked up!) And I'm still laughing the their preteen knows where her next meal is comin' from so therefore she needs to be polite.

During Carrie's talk at my mom's group at chuch, she referred to Scott as "My current husband. Er, um.. I mean, my only husband." I laughed really hard at the time (but didn't snort, 'cause she said if I did during her talk she'd mess up) but later that night, when we told Scott about it, the look on HIS face was so stinkin' funny that I laughed about 5 times harder than the first time.

There were a few other things that made me laugh 'til my cheeks hurt as well as my abs (best workout they'd had in MONTHS!) but some I just can't share publicly. It was a truly a great time of fellowship.

As they pulled out of the driveway, poor Gabrielle lamented all our hearts, "We're not going to see them ever again...... until May."


Hannah said...

LOL This is me the 12 year old and the reason I said that was because you burped and i graded it a 5 and you said no its more like a 2 and then I said my line about food.

Cathe said...

Good friends are a rare and wonderful blessing. I am so glad you have friends like that!

Carrie said...

We had such a great time seeing you guys. We are certainly never devoid of fodder for laughter, it's one of the things I love most about spending time with you. My abs are still feeling it! Thanks for all the laughter and fun. You are great hosts. Everyone should have friends like you.