Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Apparently, after telling of my children's sins while shopping, I felt the need to take a few days off and deal with them instead of blogging. Or I just got too busy walking the dog, attempting to teach my children a few more things before the end of the school year or watching the fence guys outline my yard. Or I just had really bad PMS and had nothing nice to say. You can decide.

I did finish something. For my ADD self, this is big. And's not really finished. Just the quilt top is finished. I still need to put all the layers together, baste it and then actually quilt it and bind it and THEN it will be finished. Geez, after realizing how much is left to do, it no longer sounds like I've truly accomplished something great.

It's hard to tell from this one small photo, but this baby's actually twin sized and will fit on M's bed when it's all done. Maybe I'll put up pictures when that happens.

I also made two duvet covers for Carrie's girls. They were fun. I broke out the snap setter to use on them too. The DaddyMan heard me hammering my latest sewing project so he showed up to help and wound up putting a bunch of the snaps on for me. Aaah, we're such a team. Or else he just likes the chance to use a hammer.

We went to see Nim's Island. The DaddyMan called it "a cross between the Swiss Family Robinson and MacGyver". Since I'm too young for MacGyver, I just thought it was a good movie and we all enjoyed it. If you get a big enough thing of popcorn, even M will sit thru a movie.

I really need to buy groceries. I need to buy a lot of groceries which means I should go to the really big store and get everything at once. I'm just not sure if I'm pysched up enough to take my three delightful little shoppers out again after that last shopping trip. Maybe we'll just order delivery until I feel like going. Or live on pancakes with no syrup, since I'm out of syrup too.


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh... I love the quilt. You did GREAT!!

And... did you know you can make syrup from brown sugar and water... it's sickening sweet... but it'll do in a pinch. And my kids love sickening sweet. LOL Stay at home. ;)

Sarah said...

Who are you kidding!! Finishing a quilt top is a BIG deal! Looks good. Way to go!

Mary (craft addict) said...

GORGEOUS! You are amazing. Really. Of course, I don't know how you are too young for MacGyver. My 29-year-old SIL knows MacGyver.

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