Friday, April 11, 2008

Shopping with children

Two days ago, I went to the mall with my children. We perused some stores and stopped at one that has bras I like. Or used to. A couple years they discontinued my favorite and I'm still on the hunt for one to replace it. I'm still upset.

In my quest for the perfect bra, I chatted with a saleslady who's built like me and I took her advice on a new style to try. Then I took two sizes and three children into the dressing room. Someone else entered the room right next to ours. Greaaat.

I disrobed. One of them asked to hold my bra and the next thing I knew, A says loudly, "Hey! Look at my kneepads!".

"Shhhh." I replied

I tried on the first bra and while it lifted the girls up to where they belonged it wasn't right. They felt squished and top heavy. It wasn't pretty.

About then A announced she had on a new hat. "Do you like my party hat??" she asked.

"Shhhhh!" I replied (trying hard not to crack up at how goofy she looked and at how well she'd made my bra fit. No wonder it doesn't hold me up like it should!)

I tried on the next bra. It wasn't pretty at all.

"Hey look! M and I are those twins that are hooked together!"

"Shhhhh.....snort!" Okay, the sight of TWO of my children wearing the cups of my bra as hats was too much. Adding in the left out middle child who's now PROUDLY wearing the first bra I'd tried on.... oh man..... they were killing me.

We didn't buy anything.

Anybody surprised?

So, today, my pride is restored and we ventured to Kohls to use my "30% off everything including sale items coupon". I needed new tennies. I figured buying tennies would be far less humiliating than trying to buy bras had been. A found me some lovely gray and purple Nikes and declared them "the shoe you need!"

The sign above the Nikes said, "Find your Happy Place" and A was convinced that if I bought the gray and purple ones, I'd find my happy place. We laughed about that and how silly advertising is. Then I forgot about it.

About 90 minutes later after looking at, we finally got to the checkoutline. I chatted with the lady behind me who started telling me about a great swing for the yard they bought and how she was planning to spend lots of time in it this summer. A told her it could be her happy place. Then she informed her that her mom's happy place involved "fruity drinks with little umbrellas and cherries on a wittle plastic sword."

The lady smiled and said, "Ooh, I wish I lived at your house."

I could only reply, "I wish that's how it was there."

Two shopping days with my children in one week. I really could use a fruity drink about now.


ThoughtfulMom said...

OK - I'm rolling at the impersonation of conjoined twins.

I took my boys shopping today. It's a good thing that we weren't in the same Kohl's, because I don't think the store was made to contain that much excitement - we would have ran into each other as we pulled #2 and M out of the same rack at the same time from opposite sides.

Beth said...

I totally think that A is going to be the next female Christian comedian! She is the next Shonda Pierce!!

Beth in NC

Melissa said...'re killing me here..

Erica said...

Wow. I think I would have died. Course I did survive my son grunting loudly in the bathroom today because....well.....he's a boy.