Saturday, April 5, 2008


Spring has officially sprung! Know how I know?? I went garage salin' today!! I LOVE garage sales!

The first sale was a hit--DVD movies 4 for $10, Hanna Andersson dresses for $5 and other great goodies. Then I went to a big consignment sale near the city and struck out pretty much. I'll skip that one next year.

I came home and showed A that I'd bought them Shrek, which is a movie they've been wanting.

She hugged me and said, "You're my favorite!"

I had to ask, "Wasn't I before??"

She replied, "Are you sure??"

Brat. Next week I'm buyin' her school stuff. :P

I remembered something else funny that happened while Scott and Carrie were here. Captain DaddyMan took Scott flying and Scott took a bunch of pictures. He put them on his laptop in a slideshow and set it to music. I can't remember the song name, but the lyrics are "It's all because of Jesus, I'm alive."


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