Friday, May 30, 2008

It's a dog's life

Here's Piper the Wonder Dog in one of her favorite hangouts--the top of the girls' playset. See the slide to the left of her? When she decides to go down, she slides to the bottom. A taught her how to climb up and she's very proud of her smart dog. Of course, the girls can no longer safely have picnic lunches up here.

One day last week, it broke 80 degrees. (It was about stinkin' time!) They begged me to break out the sprinkler and since I want to be Mom of the Year, I obliged. It didn't take long before they were yelling at Piper the Wonder Dog to get out of the way. She was hoggin' the spray!

Goofy dog. She was soaked and happy as a clam.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


As I mentioned previously, I had a wonderful time in N'Awlins. We took a few pictures of family too.

This is my cousin. Isn't she pretty? She's the graduate. :)

This is my other cousin. She's the youngest and has ADD. I relate to her.

This is my Aunt D. She's lots of fun and she can use the term 'nookie' in a sentence without blushing. And her chicken & sausage gumbo is incredible.

And my favorite Uncle Tom. He's really great in so many ways. (Notice my red cheeks? They get like that when Tom takes me out for drinks. Shame on him.)

Saturday, May 24, 2008


The DaddyMan and I left this past Monday to go to my cousin V's graduation in New Orleans. (Or N'Awlins if you're a local.) We left the girls behind in very loving hands and set off to enjoy ourselves. And we did! Okay, I reallllly did and since the DaddyMan had to work 2 days, he sorta did.

The graduation was nice. I'm glad I graduated in the 90s when skirts were longer and permed hair was SO easy. I wouldn't make it today since all the grads wore 3 inch heels. Ow!

The next day was sightseeing with my very favorite Uncle Tom. We had a blast. We started out with beignets at Cafe du Monde and then moseyed the French Quarter, on a mission to eventually have a Hurricane drink at Pat O'Briens. I wanted to go there since Mom used to always bring me back a glass from Pat O's after her N'Awlins trips. A very nice man in one of the antique stores learned of our plan and gave me good advice, "If you throw up, it's just the drink, not blood." Ooh, good to know.

After several hours of looking in antique shops at all kinds of cool things (anybody need a $13,000 chandelier? How about silver service with 9 forks?? Too showy?) we went to Pat O's. But they didn't open until noon. So, we settled for a Hurricane from a different place down the street. Since you can get a drink and then mosey down the street in N'awlins, that's what we did.
Considering the state of my mostly empty stomach, the fact that this is the first alcoholic beverage I'd had in a year (okay, 'cept for the screwdriver I'd had the night before at the graduation party that I fed half of to GS), it um... didn't take long before I got a bit woozy. I've never been woozy before. Hmm...maybe I shouldn't drink before noon.

In the next couple of hours, Tom and I had some interesting conversations. He seemed to laugh a lot. I'm thinking that just maybe I had something to do with that.

Tom said to a random man in the elevator: "This is my niece who's visiting. She's having her first Hurricane."
Random Man's response: "Today?"

(about now I was thinking, 'People drink more than one of these??' and 'People start drinking even earlier than I did??" Wow....)

We headed for the food court and I narrowly avoided a bit of an escalator accident. Thankfully Tom can hold his drink in one hand and catch my elbow the other one. Whew! He's good!

In spite of my flushed cheeks and silly smile (or maybe because of them) he took me to the 23rd floor to meet some friends of his. The view was amazing and the people seemed very nice. They had a very pretty bathroom and while I was in there, I noticed my cute Vera Bradley bag matched my drink. When I pointed this out to Tom a few minutes later, he got a good laugh at my observation. But maybe it was just my delivery that cracked him up. "This is gonna sound really drunk, but look! My drink matches my bag!"

I think I've picked up a new favorite word this week too. While exiting the parking garage, down the circular ramp, I asked Tom if he always drove it so slow. He didn't comment, he just took his foot off the brake so we could go flying down the ramp, round and round and round. "Wheeeeeee!" (now, say it again, higher pitched for the true effect). I'm going to find a way to use this in daily conversation. :)

After a bit my buzz wore off , my brain stopped feeling like it was floating on a puddle of water and Tom decided I was in good enough form to take to the WWII museum. I'm still not totally sure why he felt he had to kill that time before we went. :shrug:

Next was dinner at their house which was fun and casual. Wednesday morning I slept in reallllly late and then shopped Magazine Street with my aunt Deb. She took me out for a lovely lunch and we moseyed around until our aching plantar facitis affected feet got the best of us and we both bought some Keen sandals. My sweet little cousin C, who's 16 and cool, told me that they were ugly. I told her that I'm old and they feel good and that her new flip flops were boring. (I think we're even. ;)) Oooh, I also got to help her write a paper for school. That was lots of fun! I think C decided that she's glad I'm not homeschooling her!

That night we had a totally wonderful dinner at Tom's friend Steve's steakhouse in the Quarter. The service was wonderful, the food was awesome and there was lots more laughter. Oh and my dear uncle made me blush REALLY bad during his introduction of me to his buddy Steve. Yet another unforgettable moment from my trip.

Thanks for all the memories and I can't wait to see you all again. :D

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

It's Saturday and that means it's time for Angela's FAVORITE hobby....Garage Sales!

Today marks 13 years that my mom died and instead of being insanely sad---I feel like God so smiled at me while doing something that I learned to love thru her, garage salin'! She SO would've LOVED to go garage salin' with me here!! We would've had so much fun.

So today, a friend and I hit some sales. And I SCORED!

One sale had GOBS and GOBS of Gymboree--size 4! I bought $35 worth (see, I showed SOME restraint!) and came away with SEVEN grocery bags full. I'd say I have a REALLY GOOD start (hehehe) on M's winter wardrobe! :D I was SO excited!!

Then a while later, I found four dog crates for my sister. She's a dalmatian breeder and forever needing puppy sized crates for shipping puppies. I got 4 like new ones for $7 each. She was very excited when I called to tell her. :)

Then I found several Playmobil sets. One I sold to a friend already, two are for us and the seals will be for sale. Anyone need 'em?? LOL

Then...the piece de resistance..... A sale in a nondescript neighborhood, nothing too exciting looking, we're getting tired so we're moseying and then I noticed not one, but TWO American Girl dolls laying at the end of the table. It's 10 am! Those are not normally left at that time!!

One has a piece of tape that says $450 and since I paid $45 last weekend for each of the two dolls I bought, I think "$45's decent". I pick up the other doll too and carry both to the checkout, grabbing three American Girl outfits on the way (they're each $3). I lay it all down, look everything over and notice a bit of paint on one doll, but since I can get it off w/my fingernail, I'm gettin' her anyway.

The garage sale lady looks at my stuff and says, "Eighteen fifty". HUH?? I was so surprised!! I was expecting to hear $99 and instead, it was less than $20 because the dolls were $4.50 and $5.00, not $45 and $50!

WAAAAHOOOOO!! So in the last week I've bough FOUR American Girl dolls for a grand total of $99.50!! Can you believe that NONE of them were ones we already had??

God SO smiled at me today!! I have a huge chunk of my Christmas shopping done and it's only May!! :D

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And they call it puppy love....

These two.... are inseparable. Where ever A goes, Piper goes. And if A goes without her, Piper pouts. A 75 lb. pouting puppy isn't a pretty thing. She whines if A goes upstairs and leaves her. The other day, A came inside and left her outside with the other two and she sat there, staring at the back door. She finally lay down and grudgingly kept a watchful eye on the other two, but she wasn't overly thrilled about it.

A has become very good at picking up Piper piles, wiping up doggy drool and she can get this wonderful beast to do many things that the rest of really can't. For A, Piper cheerfully obeys. Brat.
This was the scene in my family room a few days ago. A decided they needed a tent to play in. And that it needed to be big enough for Piper too. Even tho we couldn't sit at the table to eat dinner that night (or on the couch for that matter), Piper had her own space.

'Cause, it's really all about the dog ya know. And her girl.


This was the scene one day while G was sorting books off the bookshelf. Not sure how she got herself in this predicament or exactly what point Piper was trying to make with the girl who's 1/2 her weight, but this is how I saw it.

If I were a really cool blogger like Ree this is where I'd call for a "Give this Photo a Name" contest. But I'm not her and I don't have a great prize but I'd still love to hear a witty title for this picture and I'll be able to label it as such in her scrapbook. Right now my brain's just too tired to be funny. And ya'll should be afraid of what I just might say in this condition....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You're not his wife?

In light of yesterdays speech blooper, I thought I'd start a new section of my blog entitled "Say What?". I'm often guilty of opening my mouth before my brain engages. It's a curse and the results are often embarrassing or totally and completely mortifying.

Early in our marriage, we attended a small, very Southern Baptist church. One Sunday after the service, my dear GS (he wasn't the DaddyMan yet) was chatting with an older man when I moseyed into their conversation. The man was a church elder and was talking to GS about something he wanted GS to become involved in. After listenting a moment, I asked if I was going to be included in this get together they were planning.

The elder grinned and said, "Well, you are his wife, aren't you?"

Feeling rather cheeky, I responded in my best witchy hiss, "Noooo, we're just living in SIN!"

Based on the look on poor GS's face, I'm thinking he thought life at that moment would've been better if he'd remained single. Or married an introvert.

A special day

Why is this child smiling? Hmm.... it must be her birthday or somethin'.
We sang and she blew

and blew....

and blew again. Anybody remember those old asthma commercials?

Whew. Got 'em all. Anybody want some majorly blown on cake?

Next, presents. She loved her card from Aunty C and Uncle D. It received great oohs and ahhs.

She was even happier when she saw what was inside.

Wow, a cool new book!

Could she be the next Vanna or what??

Her expressions were so crackin' me up. :) I wish I would've caught the one of her opening her new American Girl doll.

After naps we went to a fun pizza place and the girls painted their own faces. A's wearing war paint and G's a butterfly. She's showing off her antenne.

And not to be left out, the small swirlied flowered and starred one.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bet'cha wish you were me....

Today a friend and I took our 7 kids to see Body Worlds. It was cool and we learned a lot about anatomy. I apparently could stand to learn more, based on this conversation.

I overheard my friend saying "epiglottis" to her daughter and I commented, "Isn't that the hangy down thingy in your throat?"

She corrected me that it's not--it's a flap to keep you from choking.

"Oh right," I said. "The hangy down thingy's your vulv@ isn't it?" (And then 'cause I'm an idiot, I just kept talking....) "A few weeks ago, my best friend's was so swollen from her strep throat that it was laying on her tongue! She even sent me pictures!"

About then, I noticed my friend's face, which was rather horrified yet quite bemused and I quickly thought back over what I'd said. And it hit me.

"Oh my gosh! I just TOTALLY used the wrong word, didn't I??? Oh man!!" I may have actually started to blush a tiny bit, which is very very rare for me.

We both burst into giggles over my slip and tried to come up with the proper term for the hangy down thingy. Of course, neither of us could come up with it since we were both stuck on the OTHER word.

Within 5 minutes of getting in my van and heading for home, the word came to me.

Uvula---the hangy down thingy in your throat. Ya'll know what the other word is and where it's located. Sheesh.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Say that again??

The girls played outside before lunch. They were hanging upside down on the swings. G came in and announced,

"I accidently dropped up a rock up my nose."

Lucky for us, she managed to blow it back out. That saves us a rockectomy, unlike the green been that also went up her nose once upon a time. That little procedure cost us over $200. In Wisconsin that would translate to about $750.

Then during lunch, M was trying to name everyone in our family. She pointed to A and said her name, then to DaddyMan and called him Daddy.

But then she pointed to G, her bestest buddy and got confused. "That's A. No, that's ME!" and then she started to laugh really hard. You know that totally gut busting laugh that I hope I never forget? Yeah, that one. I'm thinking I need to work harder on calling them by the right names. She's going to have an identity crisis!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crack in a bottle

I have a new love.

It's this:

Okay, before you think I've suddenly become a health nut (okay, I know, no one will EVER take ME for THAT but the idea truly made me LOL!), let me explain. 10 days ago, the girls and I were shopping at Sams and they were giving away little plates of lettuce w/this dressing on it. I was leery, 'cause I only like Italian dressing as a marinade. But this...was yummy!

So, I bought a 3 pack for$5.49. I also bought 3lbs of lettuce mix. And we started eating it. A lot! 10 days later, we've finished one and a half bottles and we're almost done with the second 3lb bag of romaine lettuce (much tastier than the Sams stuff and no red cabbage for the girls to complain about!).

Seriously, I cannot stop eating this stuff!! It's SO yummy! Today for my afternoon snack, I ate a SALAD! I can honestly say that NEVER in my (cough) 35 years of life have I done THAT before! And Erica can vouch for me, as I crunched in her ear and made happy sounds all the while raving about this AMAZING dressing.

Ohh....the best part?? It's under 25 calories a serving! But it sure doesn't taste like it! It also comes in three other flavors and the Tuscan something somethin' is good too. At the grocery store its between $2.39 and $2.89 a bottle but at Sams it's a much better price. I'll be headed back there VERY soon for another 3 pack. :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The piano man

We have a piano. It's a big ugly beast of a thing. But it was the right price--free. We have not had it tuned since we moved here three years ago. Yes, I know, you die hard pianists are gasping.

But really, until lately, I hadn't noticed it needed tuning. And once I noticed it was that far out of tune, you know it was in BAD shape.

(Yes, I can hear those of you who've heard me sing totally crackin' up about now! Shut up!)

Today I finally tracked down a piano tuner who could come today. Can you believe that? He spent over 2 hours doing that nasty tuning thing that even made my tone deaf ears hurt.

I didn't tell the DaddyMan that I had the piano tuned today. I think his impression was simply that I finally cleaned it off (Um, yeah, it shares the eBay hell room, what can I say??). I suggested he play it and he played, I kid you not, FIVE notes before saying, "Wow! What'd that cost you??"

Oh to be musical. I didn't think it sounded THAT much different than before. :shrug:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Press 1....

The DaddyMan's elliptical broke yesterday. Let's have a moment of silence please.

The DaddyMan's a bit anal, no um, obssessive diligent about his daily workouts. He comes home every day and as soon as he plunks his lunchbox on the counter, his briefcase in the dining room, takes off his shoes and hangs up his coat, he goes to change for his daily workout. We have learned not to interfere in this daily ritual.

This routine started about 8 years ago. He started on a Nordic Track and after a few years ago, he wore it out. So we bought another. He wore that one out too. Then we switched to an elliptical about 2 years ago. The first model brought nothing but headaches and repairmen. After a few phone calls and another trip to the store, I got that one picked up and a new one it's place. It's worked wonderfully and I've even used it on a semi regular basis. Until yesterday.

Yesterday during the DaddyMan's workout, I suddenly heard a loud THUNK and his rhythmic clunk clunking came to a sudden halt. His beloved machine was broken and unfixable by him without some new parts.

Now it's my turn to be active. I had to dial the phone. (Thank God--something I'm good at!) I dialed the store's warranty line and was told I needed the receipt. Crap. That brought more action on my part--furiously digging thru desk drawers and my basket of receipts to find the warranty brochure and receipt. Whew. I need some water.

So I dialed their number and spent 16 minutes listening to funky jazz music without ever hearing a real person's voice. Oy. So I called the store back and after 15 minutes of their jazz and two real people (who both spoke English!) I got what I needed. WhooHOO! The DaddyMan's workouts are saved! Or they will be in 7 to 10 business days.

Listening to jazz music and people with fun accents inspired us. We decided that we should put A to work as a customer service person and let her do her wonderful redneck impression. Don'tcha think that's a great idea?

A: 'lo. Sompin' broken?
customer: Um, yes, my computer won't work.
A: 'kay, I needta ask ya some questions.... Do ya have 'lectricity?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Happy Day!

Garage sales have started!! This morning the DaddyMan kept the girls and I got to go garage saling!! Oh what JOY!!

The first sale had tons of Gymboree. Tons! If I had a little boy under age 2, I could've outfitted him fully. But, I don't so I bought some things to pass on to friends. They were all too cute to leave behind. I came home and realized that my friend Laurie has a boy that size and I should've cleaned them out for her litttle guy. He would be the child my girls call "that other kid" because they keep forgetting his name.

Then I hit a bunch of sales that didn't have anything overly exciting. I did find a FoodSaver new in the box for a STEAL! It also had two extra boxes of bags and a roll of 'make your own bags'. I got it all for less than what I spent on ONE roll of bags last week at Kohls. I'm going to see if it works better than mine and sell one of them. Or give it to my dad. I think it's a gadget he'd enjoy.

I found my sister a dog crate. I had to call and ask if it was a good price but since she's always having to fly puppies around the country she's always on the lookout for a nice dog crate. Today's fit the bill.

Speaking of dogs, at one sale, in the free pile, was one of those bins you store dog food in. It's WAAY smaller than the bin we currently have dog food in and I think it will work fine to store food in AND it'll free up some room in my laundry room.

Oooh, at that same sale, I found more dishes to match my winter dishes. I was SO insanely excited and I accidently let that show, so I knew I couldn't even ask if they'd take less. ROTFL! That was such a newbie error! But, I got 4 plates and 4 mugs for $5! I now have 12 plates and 4 mugs. I passed on the 4 small plates, 'cause I'd gotten a box of those elsewhere a while back. I've been wanting 12 of these because we tend to run out of plates too often when I only have 8!

What else did I find?? Hmm..... Oh, a few things for my SIL's baby that's coming in June, some things for a friend in Iowa, a few new things for A, a dress for G and a Veggie Tales coloring book for M. Oh and a plastic storage box that's small and cute and I have no idea what I'm putting in it. But, it was $1, so I know I'll find SOMETHING.

What a great day!

Friday, May 2, 2008


"Yook Mommy! I pay vi-o-in!"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Inside her head

I could've sworn I heard her thinking, "I wish I'd been adopted by a family of boys."

(My apologies to Flourishes. )