Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And they call it puppy love....

These two.... are inseparable. Where ever A goes, Piper goes. And if A goes without her, Piper pouts. A 75 lb. pouting puppy isn't a pretty thing. She whines if A goes upstairs and leaves her. The other day, A came inside and left her outside with the other two and she sat there, staring at the back door. She finally lay down and grudgingly kept a watchful eye on the other two, but she wasn't overly thrilled about it.

A has become very good at picking up Piper piles, wiping up doggy drool and she can get this wonderful beast to do many things that the rest of really can't. For A, Piper cheerfully obeys. Brat.
This was the scene in my family room a few days ago. A decided they needed a tent to play in. And that it needed to be big enough for Piper too. Even tho we couldn't sit at the table to eat dinner that night (or on the couch for that matter), Piper had her own space.

'Cause, it's really all about the dog ya know. And her girl.

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Erica said...

Wow. Thats SOME dog.