Monday, May 12, 2008

Bet'cha wish you were me....

Today a friend and I took our 7 kids to see Body Worlds. It was cool and we learned a lot about anatomy. I apparently could stand to learn more, based on this conversation.

I overheard my friend saying "epiglottis" to her daughter and I commented, "Isn't that the hangy down thingy in your throat?"

She corrected me that it's not--it's a flap to keep you from choking.

"Oh right," I said. "The hangy down thingy's your vulv@ isn't it?" (And then 'cause I'm an idiot, I just kept talking....) "A few weeks ago, my best friend's was so swollen from her strep throat that it was laying on her tongue! She even sent me pictures!"

About then, I noticed my friend's face, which was rather horrified yet quite bemused and I quickly thought back over what I'd said. And it hit me.

"Oh my gosh! I just TOTALLY used the wrong word, didn't I??? Oh man!!" I may have actually started to blush a tiny bit, which is very very rare for me.

We both burst into giggles over my slip and tried to come up with the proper term for the hangy down thingy. Of course, neither of us could come up with it since we were both stuck on the OTHER word.

Within 5 minutes of getting in my van and heading for home, the word came to me.

Uvula---the hangy down thingy in your throat. Ya'll know what the other word is and where it's located. Sheesh.


ThoughtfulMom said...

Ok, my friend - I'm ROFL. You just totally saved my icky day because you got me giggling - and I'm glad to know I'm laughing with you and not at you.

Rachel R. said...

Oh, my. LOL Thank you. I really needed the laugh today. :)

Carrie said...

I may not want to be you in that situation but I most assuredly want to be WITH you in that situation.

Belly laughin with you!

Anonymous said...

ROFL! I am laying so hard here!!!