Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The piano man

We have a piano. It's a big ugly beast of a thing. But it was the right price--free. We have not had it tuned since we moved here three years ago. Yes, I know, you die hard pianists are gasping.

But really, until lately, I hadn't noticed it needed tuning. And once I noticed it was that far out of tune, you know it was in BAD shape.

(Yes, I can hear those of you who've heard me sing totally crackin' up about now! Shut up!)

Today I finally tracked down a piano tuner who could come today. Can you believe that? He spent over 2 hours doing that nasty tuning thing that even made my tone deaf ears hurt.

I didn't tell the DaddyMan that I had the piano tuned today. I think his impression was simply that I finally cleaned it off (Um, yeah, it shares the eBay hell room, what can I say??). I suggested he play it and he played, I kid you not, FIVE notes before saying, "Wow! What'd that cost you??"

Oh to be musical. I didn't think it sounded THAT much different than before. :shrug:


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh wow... you need to video tape him playing and put THAT on here. ;)

Why are some of our ears more sensitive to that then others? I was playing piano with a guitar man the other day... I had to stop. I said, "Um... one of us is out of tune." °Ü° LOL He said, "I know... I'll fix it later." Uuuuggghhhh... I just played louder!

Hooray for a tuned piano!!

Do the girls take lessons?

Kelly said...

LOL!! Yay for an in tune piano!!

Carrie said...

Ok that is a snorter. Wish we were there to hear the finished product!