Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Press 1....

The DaddyMan's elliptical broke yesterday. Let's have a moment of silence please.

The DaddyMan's a bit anal, no um, obssessive diligent about his daily workouts. He comes home every day and as soon as he plunks his lunchbox on the counter, his briefcase in the dining room, takes off his shoes and hangs up his coat, he goes to change for his daily workout. We have learned not to interfere in this daily ritual.

This routine started about 8 years ago. He started on a Nordic Track and after a few years ago, he wore it out. So we bought another. He wore that one out too. Then we switched to an elliptical about 2 years ago. The first model brought nothing but headaches and repairmen. After a few phone calls and another trip to the store, I got that one picked up and a new one it's place. It's worked wonderfully and I've even used it on a semi regular basis. Until yesterday.

Yesterday during the DaddyMan's workout, I suddenly heard a loud THUNK and his rhythmic clunk clunking came to a sudden halt. His beloved machine was broken and unfixable by him without some new parts.

Now it's my turn to be active. I had to dial the phone. (Thank God--something I'm good at!) I dialed the store's warranty line and was told I needed the receipt. Crap. That brought more action on my part--furiously digging thru desk drawers and my basket of receipts to find the warranty brochure and receipt. Whew. I need some water.

So I dialed their number and spent 16 minutes listening to funky jazz music without ever hearing a real person's voice. Oy. So I called the store back and after 15 minutes of their jazz and two real people (who both spoke English!) I got what I needed. WhooHOO! The DaddyMan's workouts are saved! Or they will be in 7 to 10 business days.

Listening to jazz music and people with fun accents inspired us. We decided that we should put A to work as a customer service person and let her do her wonderful redneck impression. Don'tcha think that's a great idea?

A: 'lo. Sompin' broken?
customer: Um, yes, my computer won't work.
A: 'kay, I needta ask ya some questions.... Do ya have 'lectricity?


Carrie said...

Another problem solved! Would you come live at my house and be so patient. Someone needs to instill more of that around here!

razorbackmama said...

My dh just e-mailed me this morning with the following sentence:

We need to get a cross country trainer.

And then:

Or maybe you call it an eliptical trainer.

He is out of town, and evidently the hotel has one. ;-)

So...which brand is it that y'all hated? And which brand do you have now that y'all love so much?

Methinks I will no longer have an excuse to not exercise once we get our "economic stimulus package." :-P