Saturday, May 24, 2008


The DaddyMan and I left this past Monday to go to my cousin V's graduation in New Orleans. (Or N'Awlins if you're a local.) We left the girls behind in very loving hands and set off to enjoy ourselves. And we did! Okay, I reallllly did and since the DaddyMan had to work 2 days, he sorta did.

The graduation was nice. I'm glad I graduated in the 90s when skirts were longer and permed hair was SO easy. I wouldn't make it today since all the grads wore 3 inch heels. Ow!

The next day was sightseeing with my very favorite Uncle Tom. We had a blast. We started out with beignets at Cafe du Monde and then moseyed the French Quarter, on a mission to eventually have a Hurricane drink at Pat O'Briens. I wanted to go there since Mom used to always bring me back a glass from Pat O's after her N'Awlins trips. A very nice man in one of the antique stores learned of our plan and gave me good advice, "If you throw up, it's just the drink, not blood." Ooh, good to know.

After several hours of looking in antique shops at all kinds of cool things (anybody need a $13,000 chandelier? How about silver service with 9 forks?? Too showy?) we went to Pat O's. But they didn't open until noon. So, we settled for a Hurricane from a different place down the street. Since you can get a drink and then mosey down the street in N'awlins, that's what we did.
Considering the state of my mostly empty stomach, the fact that this is the first alcoholic beverage I'd had in a year (okay, 'cept for the screwdriver I'd had the night before at the graduation party that I fed half of to GS), it um... didn't take long before I got a bit woozy. I've never been woozy before. Hmm...maybe I shouldn't drink before noon.

In the next couple of hours, Tom and I had some interesting conversations. He seemed to laugh a lot. I'm thinking that just maybe I had something to do with that.

Tom said to a random man in the elevator: "This is my niece who's visiting. She's having her first Hurricane."
Random Man's response: "Today?"

(about now I was thinking, 'People drink more than one of these??' and 'People start drinking even earlier than I did??" Wow....)

We headed for the food court and I narrowly avoided a bit of an escalator accident. Thankfully Tom can hold his drink in one hand and catch my elbow the other one. Whew! He's good!

In spite of my flushed cheeks and silly smile (or maybe because of them) he took me to the 23rd floor to meet some friends of his. The view was amazing and the people seemed very nice. They had a very pretty bathroom and while I was in there, I noticed my cute Vera Bradley bag matched my drink. When I pointed this out to Tom a few minutes later, he got a good laugh at my observation. But maybe it was just my delivery that cracked him up. "This is gonna sound really drunk, but look! My drink matches my bag!"

I think I've picked up a new favorite word this week too. While exiting the parking garage, down the circular ramp, I asked Tom if he always drove it so slow. He didn't comment, he just took his foot off the brake so we could go flying down the ramp, round and round and round. "Wheeeeeee!" (now, say it again, higher pitched for the true effect). I'm going to find a way to use this in daily conversation. :)

After a bit my buzz wore off , my brain stopped feeling like it was floating on a puddle of water and Tom decided I was in good enough form to take to the WWII museum. I'm still not totally sure why he felt he had to kill that time before we went. :shrug:

Next was dinner at their house which was fun and casual. Wednesday morning I slept in reallllly late and then shopped Magazine Street with my aunt Deb. She took me out for a lovely lunch and we moseyed around until our aching plantar facitis affected feet got the best of us and we both bought some Keen sandals. My sweet little cousin C, who's 16 and cool, told me that they were ugly. I told her that I'm old and they feel good and that her new flip flops were boring. (I think we're even. ;)) Oooh, I also got to help her write a paper for school. That was lots of fun! I think C decided that she's glad I'm not homeschooling her!

That night we had a totally wonderful dinner at Tom's friend Steve's steakhouse in the Quarter. The service was wonderful, the food was awesome and there was lots more laughter. Oh and my dear uncle made me blush REALLY bad during his introduction of me to his buddy Steve. Yet another unforgettable moment from my trip.

Thanks for all the memories and I can't wait to see you all again. :D


Cathe said...

I am so glad you were able to go and have such a fun time! :)

Anonymous said...

How fun!! Stay away from hurricanes and I love your Packer shoes!