Sunday, June 22, 2008

Date night

The DaddyMan and I ditched the kids the other night and actually went out on a date. This is a rarity for us, so I'd been looking forward to it all week. Unfortunately, I spent Friday afternoon setting up for a garage sale was hurried when it came time to get ready to go.

We tried a local restaurant that we'd never been to and the food was good. Around here, Friday night is 'Fish Fry' night at EVERY restaurant it seems and attending these Friday events seems to be the main entertainment for the 60+ age group. Once again, we went out on Friday night and found ourselves to be the youngest people in the restaurant for dinner. Oh well.

We also saw the new Harrison Ford movie. Um...that would be the Indian Jones movie. My opinion? Seriously weird. I like his other movies ('cept for the snakes and other such vermin) but this was weird. Truly the worst Indy movie ever. :P

Tonight we were telling the girls about the movie and how weird it was. There was no great 'treasure' and there were aliens. A informed us that Hans Solo should be used to aliens. Yes, my children figure out at a young age that Harrison Ford has been both Hans Solo and Indiana Jones.

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Cathe said...

Aliens??? That is weird.

I am glad you had a night out!