Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gruesome --the followup

Tonight I finally had a moment alone with my biggest to follow up on yesterday's 'birds and bees' talk that um...didn't happen. As I was tucking her in, we, er...I, talked more about how God designed that method of creating babies waaaay back with Adam and Eve and how He purposely designed it between two married people.

She interruped, "You mean they kissed too?? Eww!"

We, er...I, talked another minute or so and asked if she had any questions because I'd prefer that she ask me rather than talking about this private thing with her friends.

"Yeah, I have a question."

(I braced myself and silently prayed for wisdom.)

"What's for lunch tomorrow?"


1 comment:

Beth said...


You should try talking about it to BOYS! My husband did the main talk, but my boys have always told me EVERYTHING! Makes ya wanna run and HIDE!

Beth in NC