Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Daddyman!

Yesterday was the DaddyMan's birthday. Today I heard him talking to his mother on the phone. He told her that he bought me a new computer for his birthday. (My first new computer EVER!) He failed to tell her that he also got a new bass guitar. From me. For his birthday. Brat!

Today we went to VBS and I was chatting with one of my mommy friends that I've known for several years. She's heard some of the goofy things my family does for birthdays. That is apparently what prompted her to ask about his birthday celebration in this manner:

"So, did you give him something special in bed?"

HUH?? I was SO shocked by HER saying this to me, that my jaw immediately dropped and I started to laugh hysterically. She quickly rethought what she'd just said and realized WHAT she'd just said and stammered, "I mean, breakfast in bed? Don't you all eat special breakfasts IN BED for your birthdays??"

Oh....THAT kind of celebration. Um...yeah. He doesn't do the special birthday breakfast of load-yourself-up-on-sugar-for-the-day-before-7-am thing for his special day. And now that he's heard HER suggestion of how we should celebrate, I'm thinkin' he's gonna want a different kind of sugar.

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Carrie said...

Ok, I chuckled and chuckled over this one! Wished I could have been standing beside you when that was said!