Saturday, June 28, 2008

I have issues?!

I love the tee shirts that say, "They say I have an attention problem, but... Oh look! There goes a squirrel!" That is SO how I operate. Some days it's amusing and some days I frustrate myself and the people around me.

The other day I was driving to a friend's house. I was under a time constraint so I was hurrying. I planned to take one road, but then I opted to take one that looked like a better route and after driving 3 miles past a "Road Closed Ahead" sign, I realized they weren't kidding. Shoot.

I turned around to find a different route and called my friend to explain why I'd be late and ask for directions. I was trying to tell her what road I was on, when something caught my eye and I interrupted myself with an "Oooh cool! There are four really big cool herons or cranes or something walking thru that flooded field! Cool! I've never seen so many together at the same time!" I then laughed a bit as I realized my friend was still TRYING to tell me how to get to her house and I had taken a serious tangent.

Oooh, gotta go. I heard someone say "ice cream!"

1 comment:

Cathe said...

LOOK! A squirrel!

You left your sunglasses here.