Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm never gonna get her married off

Yesterday A went to the school book shelf and pulled out all the Magic School Bus books to peruse. Today, I was straightening the pile and discovered she'd also pulled out Usborne's "Where do Babies Come From?" book. Lately she's asked a few questions about that very subject and I knew the time was coming for 'The Talk'.

I read thru the book when I first bought it and tucked it away for future reference AND I've had three children so I figure I have a rough understanding of the subject, but I read it again today, just to be sure of how they worded things, in case I was asked. Um...wow. Yeah...Eek! The idea of talking about that with my CHILD who I still often view as the adorable toddler... Nooooo! Don't make me!! Don't make her grow up yet!!

So later on I told her that I noticed she'd had that book out and asked if she'd read it.

She casually answered, "Yeah."

And then she added with her 'help I'm gonna gag' face, "Gruesome!"

(Hmm....I've never used that word to describe THAT but hmm.... I may have to consider it.)


Mary said...

LOL! Poor thing has probably been scarred for life.

Erica said...

ROFL! Thats funny! The poor child. And this is why we told our children so they didn't find out from other sources. LOL!