Saturday, June 21, 2008


I've had a painful week.

Sunday I whacked my forehead on the van door in my rush to get everyone buckled in and to church on time. Since we were late on our way to worship God, I wasn't exactly as um, holy as I might have been which may be why God decided to whack me with the door to remind me to be a good mom. 6 days later, my head still has a sore spot.

Thursday afternoon I tripped over the dog bowls and face planted on to the floor. Thankfully, my left knee kinda stopped me and now it's really sore. Of course the jarring that my 35 year old self got when I slammed into the carpet also has my neck and back feeling a bit less than wonderful. Oy, I'm old! Actually I'm feeling about twice my age due to this random act of clumsiness.

Yesterday I noticed a sore spot on my leg. It feels like a bug bite, but it's swollen up like a spider bite or something. The DaddyMan comforted me by saying, "Well if it's a brown recluse bite, you'll know 'cause your flesh will start getting eaten away."

Shoot....why didn't it bite my thighs instead?


Carrie said...

Hey, a cellutlite eating parasite to place strategically in the needy areas.......nice!

As far as the body, take it from an older woman, it is all down hill from here. :)

Anonymous said...