Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Saturday Night Fun

Saturday night I wanted to go out on a date with the DaddyMan. I was specifically thinking dinner and the new Harrison Ford....er... Indiana Jones movie. But the DaddyMan had been running a fever all day and wasn't feeling so good. We stayed home and I started laundry.

My new washer has a clear lid and no agitator. DaddyMan, being the engineer that he is, is rather fascinated by how the new washer works. He watched me load it and turn it on and then we stood there watched it do it's work.

We stood there for the next 35 minutes. Oh yeah, hot date night at my house.

Where were the children while we having our hot date in the laundry room? They were all in the next room making lots of noise and laughing hysterically. When we finally emerged from the laundry room, we found this.


WWF has nothing on us.


ThoughtfulMom said...

and those are girls. If they were boys, they would have taken the entire living room apart.

There is great fascination with the front-loading washing machine here. Any combination of children will sit in the laundry room floor and watch it go around for a good long while.

Mary said...

You sure know how to whoop it up, Angela.

Melissa said...

We watch our washing machine too. Love the top loader. ;)