Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Under where?

We've had busy week with VBS at church and driving back and forth to that has meant extra time in the car. I sometimes really wonder what's going on in their little heads when these conversations get started from the backseat.

A: What's the purpose of underwear? I mean, what are they for?

Me: Well, um... they keep your bum from touching your pants.

G: They keep my bum warm!

A: So? Why do you need them?

Me: if you didn't wipe well, you'd get drippies on your pants and that'd be gross.

G: They keep my bum warm!

A: I wipe well.

Me: Are you wearing underwear???

A: Yes. But I wonder why I need to.

Aack. Um...anybody got a better reason short of "that time of the month"? They never tell you these types of conversations will come up when you leave the hospital with that sweet, little, non verbal baby!