Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yet another skill

Piper the Wonder Dog had a little 'female' surgery done on Monday. By Friday her incision was red and the vet said she needed antibiotics. So, Friday night I handed her two and she tasted them and then spit them out. Then she managed to chew off the plastic part and dump the powdery medicine part all over the floor. Shoot.

This morning, I poured the powdered part into some jelly and then dumped her dog food in on top. I felt a little bad about making her dog food taste bad. Yep, I'm becoming a sap.

I was telling my sister, the dog breeder, about my woes and she basically said, "Duh! Just stick 'em down her throat. It's not like she's a little bitty dog that you can't do that! You can stick your whole hand in there!".

Oh, right. So tonight when it was pill time, I called Piper to me, had her sit and then opened her mouth, inserted my hand and stuffed them down. I turned around to wash my hand, wrist and lower arm and caught a glimpse of the DaddyMan's look of shock. He couldn't believe I'd just stuffed pills down the dog's throat that fast, with that little difficulty and most importantly, with so much skill.

After almost 15 years of marriage, there's so much he doesn't know. ;) Maybe tomorrow I'll show him that I can take a dog's temperature too. Think that'll impress him?

:leaves desk in a hurry to go wash hands again:


Carrie said...

Your talents do not amaze me. You are wickedly skillful. :)

Erica said...

Wow. Just wow. Is it funny that while I was reading your post I thought why in the world didn't she just stuff em down the dogs throat? Yes, this dog hater knew that much. ;)