Thursday, July 31, 2008


I went on a trip. Didja miss me?

I thought it would be fun to load up the girls, drive 5 hours to my dearest friend's house, spend the night, drive 2.5 more hours so that we could see old friends, grandparents, aunts and cousins, attend a wedding and then a few days later, reverse the trip.

The result is a very tired mommy, some great (and one not so great) memories, some fun stories to tell later---like when I'm awake and a bunch of pictures. Those will show up after my nap too.

Is it bad that it's 7 am and I'm already planning a nap?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Babysitting 101

Yesterday was Sunday and I wanted a nap. I was so tired, I also wanted an early bedtime. The DaddyMan and I were laying on the couch for a pre-nap rest and I told him that if we let the little two skip their naps they'd go to bed earlier and so could we. But...we'd need a sitter.

So I offered A $2 if she'd watch them, play with them and most importantly---keep them quiet so we could nap. Being the smart kid that she is, her first question was, "Two dollars total or for each hour??" Shoot.

I was considering forking out bigger bucks just because I wanted to nap sooo bad, when she asked her next question, "So can I duct tape them to the wall and put tape on their mouths to keep 'em quiet??"

Dang. No early bedtimes here I guess.

Boys are ewwwy.

Yesterday at a garage sale I bought the book "Kiss Me, I'm Perfect" by Robert Munsch. (We love his books here, 'cept for "Nice People Don't" 'cause it uses the F word. You know....fart.)

Anyway, in "Kiss Me, I'm Perfect", the main character gets kissed by a moose. The picture is hysterical with her face all twisted and a big long moose tongue and some green moose slime thrown in as well. It's a bit like a Piper kiss.

We were showing the DaddyMan our new book today and A told him that she thought the moose kiss was cool, but later the girl gets kissed by a boy and that's gross. It's so gross to my firstborn that apparently, she'd "rather eat thumbtacks than kiss a boy! EWW!"

I'm never gonna get her married off.....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Doggie downside

It's hot outside. When it's hot, Piper the Wonder Dog drinks more. When Piper drinks a lot, someone must dry her face. If no one does this job, let's just say, "it ain't pretty". Yesterday, G was the victim of such ugliness.

"Mom! Piper slimed my shiiiirttttt!"

"Do you need a new one?"

"I don't knowwww!"

"Well, how big's the slime?"

"It's like as big as my HEAD! Or maybe as big as Piper's nose."

"Okay, get a new shirt. Just stop whining."

Yep, once again, I sacrifice more laundry for less whining. Mom o' the year.

It's Piper the Wonder Dog--whoo whoo!

Piper the Wonder Dog is the title of a little ditty I made up one day and we've been singing ever since. It goes something like:

She's big and she's hairy
She's drooly and cool-y
She's Piper the Wonder Dog
Whoo Whoo (insert pumping arm in the air motion here)

She's furry not hurried
She's lazy, eats daisies
She's Piper the Wonder Dog
Whoo Whoo (insert pumping arm in the air motion here)

When we sang it of the DaddyMan, he told us we needed more to do. Probably because we added bunches of verses at will, based on what words pop in our heads at the moment. It's really a fun way to sing. Have I mentioned that we're lousy singers here?? All except for the DaddyMan, which probably explains why he doesn't love it when we sing to him.

Here she is spending quality time with the DaddyMan.

Here she is snuggling with her favorite girl. A grunted when Piper sat on her. Now that Piper outweighs A, I wasn't surprised.

Here's M and her Bark-o-lounger. Oh man...I crack me up.

Look at that face. I love how she looks SO long suffering when we know she simply loves any and all attention. Silly beast.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is what 30 hours of baking in the sun working off your butt will get'cha. Isn't it pretty?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Funnest workout EVER!

The other night we were perusing Best Buy for something the DaddyMan needed for work. The girls and I perused wii games. (Wii do like our wii, ya know). When the DaddyMan joined us, he noticed the big "Wii Fit" box that the girls and I hadn't noticed. It followed us home. So we kept it.

And boy is it FUN! Ski jumping, ski slalom, heading soccer balls, tightrope walking, yoga, running, step aerobics and lots more! We've laughed and laughed and some of us are a bit more competitive than I realized.

The great part is that you can really work up a sweat and make some muscles ache when you play. You have to squat and lean and run in place and if you have some degree of rhythm, you can get a good score at step aerobics. (To say that the DaddyMan has the high score in that shouldn't surprise anyone--you gotta have rhythm to be good, remember? Some of us seriously lack that requirement!)

The big surprise around here tho, is who is leading the ski jump competetion AND the slalom by a landslide---ME!! Who knew that after not skiing in SIX years I'd be so good?? ROTFL! Actually, skiing's a lot more fun when there's no fear of pain involved! The DaddyMan is doing a good job of letting me have my moment of glory at the top of those two leaders' boards or else, gasp, maybe he really can't beat me!?! Time will tell.

I just have to say, that I really wish I'd videoed the DaddyMan's first attempt at hula hooping. Honestly, I don't remember when I last laughed so hard that I could no longer snort, nor breathe. I was gasping for air and tears were streaming down my face. Needless to say, the next time the DaddyMan attempted that 'sport' he did it in the wee hours of the morning and blew away everyone else's scores, just because he can. He's the man!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Breakfast commentary

After The Great Cereal Blooper a few months ago, I've slacked off a tiny bit and allowed the girls to pick ONE box of unhealthy cereal during each shopping trip. This week's top sugary pick brought about this morning's comment from A:

"Cereal just isn't good cereal unless it changes the color of your milk."

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I forgot to mention that the other day when we went to M's speech evaluation, M wore her very adorable Hanna playdress set. M calls it "my boo dress" since it's blue. She has no idea that it's Hanna, truly. The woman doing the evaluation gushed over how cute she looked and how she just sent a dress set like that to her niece because she just LOVES Hanna stuff. I laughed and that was my first impression that we'd get along okay. ROTFL! (okay, it wasn't really since I was in gasp, the public school, but at least we were off to a good start--she thought my kid was cute!)

Yesterday while grocery shopping I realized that apparently my girls pay attention to things like clothes too. We noticed another mom shopping with 4 girls, one of which was about 5 and walking with a big wheeled walker, the kind that she pulls behind her. I was waiting for the question that would come and mentally preparing an answer but instead G noticed her and said, "Hey! I have the same shirt she does!". I think the other mom was slightly amused that that was the characteristic my child noticed about her kid. From her expression, apparently that child's clothes are not the first thing to usually get commented on.

A few aisle later, M starts talkin' about someone's 'bag' as I was busily trying to calculate the cheapest cost on something in the freezer. She persisted and I caught, "Dat lady has bag like yours!" and I realized that my THREE year old was pointing across the aisle to a woman who has the same Vera Bradley purse that I do. She noticed M pointing and I mentioned I had that same purse. She gave me a tip on a local store that's doing a giveaway so I might have to stop in there for a chance to win! See, it pays to have kids with an eye for these things!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Becoming a better mom part I

Today I took M in for her speech evaluation. While I was rather apprehensive about going to the gasp, public school for evaluation (little homeschooler humor there...), it went well. The evaluator was fun and complimentary and managed to draw the very quiet M out and actually get M to eventually talk to her.

M started the evaluation by doing a puzzle, coloring a circle, drawing straight lines and then a circle. The evaluator was impressed and asked if she went to preschool. I told her no. (Which is true--we don't do 'formal homeschool preschool'. Around here that's just 'life.') Then she gave her scissors which M held -with her left hand. (She's a righty!) While the evaluator held the paper, M managed to cut all the way across. That impressed me! LOL When'd she learn to use scissors??

About that time the social worker came in to ask me questions about my concerns, M's siblings, behavior, etc. We had a lovely talk about Baby Signs as well as homeschooling. She was knows some homeschoolers who have great kids. Whew! They weren't waiting to eat me like I feared!

M continued w/her testing and really enjoyed herself. The evaluator asked her if she was all done or wanted to do more and she said, "Do more!". They both laughed. Apparently that's not a very common reaction. At one point the evaluator asked M if she'd brought her forehead with her. M told her no. I had to step in and ask her where her forehead was. THEN she remembered. (The last couple of weeks at swimming lessons the teacher's been telling her to put her forehead in the water, so I KNEW she knew where it was. Goofy girl!)

At the end of the hour, the evaluator said her language skills are fine but she will be recommending speech therapy for her--probably about two 20 minute sessions a week. These should hopefully take place at the school near our home which will be very convenient!

So, we're on the path to having Miss M be understood by all. Not just by G and mostly by me and A and occasionally the DaddyMan. I look forward to the day when anyone she interacts can clearly understand her and talk to her instead of having to go thru one of her interpreters.

Monday, July 7, 2008

You crack me up!

Last year in school we studied anatomy. On one goofy afternoon, while discussing digestion, we got a bit off course. The story got spun to become "when a baby is born, their bum isn't cracked. When a baby's born, the doctor drops it and their butt cracks.

This is important, as having that crack greatly aids in digestion."


Today I had on a somewhat low cut pajama top. A came downstairs, noticed my less-than-modest shirt and said, "Hey! I see your crack! Oh no! The doctors dropped you on the wrong spot!"

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Whew. Holiday weekend. Full of relaxation. Or not. Maybe tomorrow I'll post a picture of what we did. That will be after my nap. Which may actually be Monday. I've relaxed so much this weekend that I'm exhausted.

In the meantime, here are some recent photos of what life's been like.

A couple weeks ago we saw a wonderful rainstorm and then a double FULL rainbow. It was awesome! Of course, by the time we got home and I got my camera, this is about all that was left. Oh well.

The after storm light helped me catch these next two cuties. If I had Photoshop I could probably really jazz them up, but I don't. So I won't.

And then there's this skirt that I just made for someone that shall remain unnamed 'cause she still owes me for it. (hint, hint) Since it fits G and looks so cute on her, I'm really not complaining. (And that choocolate ice cream stain SHOULD come out before I mail it.) (just kiddin'!)

I love it when I get more than one of my children looking adorable at once. I really should do a "sisters' post some day.

And since Carrie specifically asked for a "Just how big is Piper now?" picture, here's the best one I have currently. Piper's about 94 pounds which is 54 pounds more than M. (And 52 pounds more than G if any one's keepin' track.) Of course you can't tell how big she is since she's curled up, so I'll try to get a better picture this week.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The smallest child that I love, just came in with a blanket over her head. In a deep voice she announced,

"I be Holy Ghost!"

:giggle, snort: