Sunday, July 20, 2008

Babysitting 101

Yesterday was Sunday and I wanted a nap. I was so tired, I also wanted an early bedtime. The DaddyMan and I were laying on the couch for a pre-nap rest and I told him that if we let the little two skip their naps they'd go to bed earlier and so could we. But...we'd need a sitter.

So I offered A $2 if she'd watch them, play with them and most importantly---keep them quiet so we could nap. Being the smart kid that she is, her first question was, "Two dollars total or for each hour??" Shoot.

I was considering forking out bigger bucks just because I wanted to nap sooo bad, when she asked her next question, "So can I duct tape them to the wall and put tape on their mouths to keep 'em quiet??"

Dang. No early bedtimes here I guess.


Beth said...

She is such a fun kid! Look forward to meeting her and the rest of you day.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is a pre-nap rest?


Carrie said...
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Mary said...

She's definitely your kid. No doubt about it.

Erica said...

ROFL! Nice! See my kid gets $10 for four hours. We're all about the bargains here.