Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Becoming a better mom part I

Today I took M in for her speech evaluation. While I was rather apprehensive about going to the gasp, public school for evaluation (little homeschooler humor there...), it went well. The evaluator was fun and complimentary and managed to draw the very quiet M out and actually get M to eventually talk to her.

M started the evaluation by doing a puzzle, coloring a circle, drawing straight lines and then a circle. The evaluator was impressed and asked if she went to preschool. I told her no. (Which is true--we don't do 'formal homeschool preschool'. Around here that's just 'life.') Then she gave her scissors which M held -with her left hand. (She's a righty!) While the evaluator held the paper, M managed to cut all the way across. That impressed me! LOL When'd she learn to use scissors??

About that time the social worker came in to ask me questions about my concerns, M's siblings, behavior, etc. We had a lovely talk about Baby Signs as well as homeschooling. She was knows some homeschoolers who have great kids. Whew! They weren't waiting to eat me like I feared!

M continued w/her testing and really enjoyed herself. The evaluator asked her if she was all done or wanted to do more and she said, "Do more!". They both laughed. Apparently that's not a very common reaction. At one point the evaluator asked M if she'd brought her forehead with her. M told her no. I had to step in and ask her where her forehead was. THEN she remembered. (The last couple of weeks at swimming lessons the teacher's been telling her to put her forehead in the water, so I KNEW she knew where it was. Goofy girl!)

At the end of the hour, the evaluator said her language skills are fine but she will be recommending speech therapy for her--probably about two 20 minute sessions a week. These should hopefully take place at the school near our home which will be very convenient!

So, we're on the path to having Miss M be understood by all. Not just by G and mostly by me and A and occasionally the DaddyMan. I look forward to the day when anyone she interacts can clearly understand her and talk to her instead of having to go thru one of her interpreters.

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