Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's Piper the Wonder Dog--whoo whoo!

Piper the Wonder Dog is the title of a little ditty I made up one day and we've been singing ever since. It goes something like:

She's big and she's hairy
She's drooly and cool-y
She's Piper the Wonder Dog
Whoo Whoo (insert pumping arm in the air motion here)

She's furry not hurried
She's lazy, eats daisies
She's Piper the Wonder Dog
Whoo Whoo (insert pumping arm in the air motion here)

When we sang it of the DaddyMan, he told us we needed more to do. Probably because we added bunches of verses at will, based on what words pop in our heads at the moment. It's really a fun way to sing. Have I mentioned that we're lousy singers here?? All except for the DaddyMan, which probably explains why he doesn't love it when we sing to him.

Here she is spending quality time with the DaddyMan.

Here she is snuggling with her favorite girl. A grunted when Piper sat on her. Now that Piper outweighs A, I wasn't surprised.

Here's M and her Bark-o-lounger. Oh man...I crack me up.

Look at that face. I love how she looks SO long suffering when we know she simply loves any and all attention. Silly beast.


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Man alive -- that dog is as tall as your hubby. That's some dog -- no wonder you sing about him.

AND... I think it's great that even as a puppy it's calm enough for people to lounge around on him. You really know how to pick them.

Erica said...


George - I must say - that outfit is HOTT! I am SO buying that SAME set for my man.

Carrie said...

Pipes is getting huge! Thanks for giving us perspective. Oh, and congratulations on having a star----saw the breeders web site!

Carrie said...

Oh yes, can you call and sing me the song?