Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School shopping

I remember every fall, Mom would grudgingly take us back to school shopping. We'd hit the sale racks for some new jeans, some cute shirts and new tennies. Then we'd pick out pencils, pencil boxes and whatnot, go to lunch at Long John Silvers (there's a reason I kept outgrowing my jeans!) and we'd go home. Then on the first day of school, I'd wear stiff new jeans (hello? August in Iowa is HOT!) and new tennies for the first time and look super cool.

Life's a bit different when you're home learnin' your kids. They don't have to look as cool as the next kid. Not that you want them to look like homeless urchins but they don't have to stay current with the trends or risk being made fun of. (Kinda like the girls in my school that used to keep track of what I wore! Mean girls suck.)

Even tho we don't NEED to do back to school shopping, it's still kind of fun. Since I wrapped up 60+ eBay auctions a few weeks ago and had some cash burning a hole in my pocket...we shopped. The really great part about my back to school shopping?? The DaddyMan uses a Visa from one of my favorite kid's stores for all his work expenses and then they give me gift certificates to use in the store. Considering how much the DaddyMan charges--I get hundreds of free dollars to shop with. I LOVE that!

I also love making my kids try on all their new clothes and do a fashion show. They don't exactly love that.
Notice how quickly their grins get cheesy?
"Last picture Mom! Or my little sister gets it!"
Alrighty then.... I guess I should take pictures of their new books instead. Oh wait.... I'd have to have ordered those already in order to do that. Oops. I'll get right on that!


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

A gal has to have priorities... clothes then books. LOL

My kids clothes are all bought for next summer... but their books? I'm still working on that. Ü

Mary said...

Hee! They are super cute. And funny.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where is the eldest kiddo?

Cute clothes! cute Kidlets?

No new Favre jersey?


Cathe said...

Those are some trendy homeschool students!