Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brain fart

Since we went on our great road trip a week or so ago, we missed a session of swimming lessons. Our teacher graciously offered a makeup time for late yesterday afternoon and all day I had in my head "Swimming at 6, swimming at 6". It was the only thing scheduled on my calendar for the day, which made it pretty easy to remember.

The girls and I stayed home all day, cleaning, playing and dinking around. They wanted a $5 Little Cesaers Pizza for supper so I agreed to get that after swimming and we had snacks to tide us over until after "swimming at 6".

Shortly before 6, I sent everyone off to get ready and then I went and shimmied my way into my suit. By now it's 6:05 (my shimmying apparently took longer than I expected). As I hurried to put my shoes on, it hit me. Swimming AT 6. Not, "leave for swimming at 6". DOH!! We MISSED swimming! Did I mention, it's a 25 minute drive?? Double doh!

A asked, "Can we still go?" Um...no, we're going to totally miss our class.

G's comment had really nothing to do with the missed lesson. "Do we still get Little Cesaers??" Um..no again. I'm not driving all the way to the nearest Little Cesaers that's near swimming lessons on a day we're not going to lessons.

We all changed out of our swimsuits and went back to our previously scheduled activities, aka doing nothing.

Today I have nothing planned. I can probably handle that.

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