Sunday, August 17, 2008


We tried a different Chinese restaurant tonight for supper. I'm disappointed. Why is it that in a town the size of ours there aren't any Chinese restaurants that don't cause my first thought to be "I wonder what the health department rated this place?".

The first buffet we tried here was so gross, even the DaddyMan lost his appetite. The second place had a fish tank and as I chewed a chewy some-sort-of-unidentified-meat I realized that the fish in the tank beside me probably had the same texture. The other place's cashew chicken was all cashew and no chicken. The buffet in the next town is 'eh' but nothin' to write home about. The mall's Chinese is flavorful, but greasy. Dark meat chicken does that, I think.

We were so spoiled back in Iowa. The Mandarin truly has the best food. Their Mandarin Beef is what I grew G on while she was in utero. Frankly, I'm surprised she didn't come out smelling like garlic. Their crab rangoon actually contain crab which I've discovered is not the norm. Their sweet and sour soup had just enough of sweet and sour to live up to its name. No matter what we ordered it was always yummy. And we ordered a lot there. I went there to eat last month when I was back visiting and the owner still knows my name. Considering I moved away three years ago, that tells you how often we ate there!

Tonight's restaurant was nothing like the Mandarin. Everything we ordered was the same shade of brown and basically in the same sauce with no variations. Okay, that's not true, the Moo Goo Gi Kow resembled the Mandarin's in appearance, but not in flavor. I was excited when I first saw it but when I tried to cut the meat, it wasn't the tender chicken I loved in a previous Sniff.

So if you're reading this and you're near Ames, Iowa.... go out to lunch or dinner at the Mandarin and think of poor little (shut up!) me wasting away without any good Chinese food. Sniff. I'm so deprived.


Carrie said...

You know, Iowa is the place to be. What can I say. Come home. :)

chautona said...

Well, Kevin lived for 3 years in Ames but he never went to the Mandarin, I can guarantee.

However, I have no doubt that he is personally responsible for the college education of at least one of the owner of the Pizza Pit's children's college education.

CBear said...

I live in Iowa and I beg to differ... the chinese here SUCKS... bad, horrible, ick...

But, I moved here from LA... and I am stuck in the hole known as "The Dodge" Bleck.

Anyplace where you have to ask for veggies with your fried rice or other chinese dish is just wrong... so, so wrong!