Saturday, August 9, 2008

Do do do doot......

Yesterday, I got a song stuck in my head. It was in there all day. And when there's a song in my head, I just keep singin' hoping that eventually it'll go away. What song was I singing? The theme to Elmo's World.

"Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayons too.... Elmo loves his .....something and something... Do do do doot, Elmo's World"

It's handy that I don't know all the words, because that way, I can make my own lyrics to that tune. That's so much funner, don'tcha think?

About the time the DaddyMan came home from work, this song was really rolling thru my head and the verses just kept coming to me.

Daddyman loves hims girlies, his wifey too
Daddyman looks grumpy, hims must need to poo!
Do do do doot, Daddy's grumpy.....

I sang several verses to the DaddyMan before he gave me 'The Look' and headed upstairs to hide. I just don't understand why he doesn't appreciate my singing. :shrug:

Then we had dinner:
It's time for dinner and green beans too
Grab your fork, yes I mean yoooou!
Do do do doot time to eaaaat.

After dinner, the DaddyMan retired to the couch. Since we got a new couch, there's more room for me to lay beside him, all snuggled up close. We like to snuggle up like that and last night was no exception. The children love to come sit on us and crowd us and squish us on the couch and I sang about that too.

Get off my leg, my bummy too
Quit squishin' me or I'll need to poo
Do do do doot, I'll squish you

Finally the DaddyMan decided the best place to hide from my singing was under his computer's headphones. He went to play flight simulator for a while and I took a break. I put the kids to bed and read for a bit. Then it was bedtime. Once again, I snuggled beside my man. And sang to him.

Get off my pillow, quit breathin' on me
Oh shoot, now I gotta peeeee
Do do do doot, gotta pee

He told me to shut up and go to sleep. I told him to put his head next to my ear because he could probaly hear the music in myhead too. He told me he didn't want to. So, I sang.
You say go sleepy, but I'm not tired
I don't wanna, be retired....
Do do do doot, I'm not tired!

After threatening me with bodily harm and giving me a bit of a good tickling. I finally sucumbed to sleep. BUT... today's an all new day! I think I'll go sing to him in the shower. I know he'll LOVE that.

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Anonymous said...

Angela is Crazy. She loves the Packers. She has green and gold shoes Do do do doot do do green and gold shoes

Sorry I know it probably does sound just right. It is the best I can do.