Tuesday, August 19, 2008


G was telling the DaddyMan the jobs she does each day. "Empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, feed Piper and make Mom peanut butter toast for breakfast! That one's my new job!"

The DaddyMan looked surprised and looked at me, "She makes YOUR breakfast?!" Then turning back to G he says, "Gee, I wish someone did MY jobs around here!"

Quite happily G offered, "I'll do a job for you Daddy!"

Then she paused.

"What do you do around here again?"

And that's when the water came shooting out of my nose and I collapsed on the floor in a puddle of laughter.


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh man alive... I'm glad MY mouth wasn't full of water. (giggle)

Too funny...

Beth said...

I can just SEE you doing that, Angela!!!

Mary said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's a hoooooot!

Carrie said...

All the Sterners are laughing about this one! Out of the mouth of babes! ;)