Tuesday, August 5, 2008

House cleaning woes

My house is getting on my nerves. I feel this way every fall (and spring) when I'm in the middle of my eBay sales. There are piles of clothes that need dealt with and the general cleaning and then I tend to realize that all the nooks, crannies and closets also are crying for my attention.

So I clean them. Two days ago, I cleaned out the cupboard under the bathroom sink. I threw away the 2006 fall JCPenney catalog. I threw away a lot of other things too, but I think that was the oldest. I pitched the little potty seat since M hasn't used it in more than a year. Now the cupboard's tidy, but on the bathroom floor there's a couple of books I found in there, a first aid kit? and two empty baby wipe boxes. I'm not totally sure where to put that stuff. So, it's sitting there, in front of the toilet, getting stepped over or on every time someone visits the throne.

Yesterday I tackled M's closet. I think the Little People have been breeding in there. Even tho the castle people in one plastic bin aren't allowed to consort after hours with the farm people or zoo people, somehow.... I think they're breeding. Surely I didn't buy that many of them. I put up new shelves in her closet, took out some clothes, finally put away two weeks worth of laundry (even tho M thought it was very convenient to dress herself from the pile of clean clothes on her dresser every morning) and now I'm left with a small pile on her bedroom floor. The pack n play (do I still need that??), a closet organizer thingy that no longer fits in there and a couple pairs of shoes.

Today I took on the laundry room closet. There was a big bin of toys that were for taking places like to restaurants or for long car rides. Some of them are most definitely baby toys and since we don't really use car toys any more, thanks to the dvd player (Oh shut up! You use yours too! Or you wish you had one..), now there's a BIG pile on my kitchen counter of that crap. There were also about 10 mostly used up Color Wonder coloring books. Sayonnara!

So.... Now my cupboards and closets look good and the piles of crap look not so good. In another few days, they'll start to annoy me when I get hit with PMS and I'll probably just chuck it all in the trash. Thank God for PMS or my house would never get clean.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Angela for making me laugh today!!


Robin said...

Hee hee! Wanna come down and help me clean?

Mary said...

Forget Robin - come help me!

alittlemoore said...

You are a riot!