Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life's inconveniences

It's crampin' my life to be without my credit card.

To begin with, I can't go shopping online. Not that I neeed anything but at the moment, shopping's not even an option. There's something about NOT being able to do something that makes a person WANT to do it, ya know?

eBay wants their money. Guess how I pay them? Yup, with the credit card I no longer have. Now I need to steal the DaddyMan's credit card so that I can pay my eBay fees with that.

And finally, I'm getting a new furnace today. Why am I getting a new furnace in a 3 year old house? Hmm... let's see.... my builder was cheap? I like to be warm? Anyway, I'd like to pay for my big dollar purchase with my credit card because, oh gosh, this sounds sooo lame.... I'll get a gift card to one of my favorite children's clothing stores. And considering what a furnace costs, it'll be a decent sized gift card!

I mean really, why write a check when you can get a FREE gift card instead?? Stupid scumbag who ripped off my card and inconvenienced me. I wonder if those camels have hunted him down yet.

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Susan said...

You are too funny.