Sunday, August 24, 2008

Proper Church Etiquette

During the summer, the bigger two girls go to church services with us, as there are no children's activities during that hour. This summer started out rather trying with Miss G, who's a bit of a wiggle butt. As the summer's progressed, she's gotten better.

She loves for me to hold her while we sing. She's a girl who loves to cuddle and she's so flexible that she just kind of mushes into you and snuggles in while we sway and sing. I held her thru most of the singing today and then my back started to ache, so I put her down. As I stood her on the pew, next to me, I pulled down her dress's hem so she wouldn't flash the rest of the sanctuary behind us. Then I draped my arm around her and went back into 'worship mode.'

That's when I felt her diggin'. As in, diggin' her panties out of her crack. Big dig, people, BIG. I looked at her and she whispered, "I had a wedgie!" With a smile on my face I whispered back, "And now alllll the people behind you know you had wedgie TOO!" Since she was leaning against me, I felt her whole body giggle. Then I felt her nonchalantly tuuurn her head to look behind us and then turn back to the front. I felt her giggle again and for a much longer stretch this time. Apparently the idea that a good number of people saw her pickin' her seat was too much for her.

As we continued to sing, I felt her continue to crack up over what she'd done. Several times, it made me shake with the giggles too. We're so easily amused. And the fact that it continued to make her laugh off and on for the next 5 or so minutes really amused me.

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Carrie said...

One of your many strengths as a family, your ability to laugh. An even greater strength, to be able to laugh at oneself.

Doin it right over there!