Monday, September 29, 2008

Piper fun

Just a glimpse into my life...

Watering the dog

Friday, September 26, 2008


Tonight at dinner, the DaddyMan was complaining that I stayed up too late last night to watch ER. Just because I've watched it every week for the last 15 years, apparently he thinks I could quit NOW. Hmmph.

I mentioned that the episode made me cry 'cause they killed off one of the guys I liked.

A asked, "Was he yummy?"

The DaddyMan said, "Um, what exactly are you teaching your children?" (I tried to look innocent.)

A continued, "Mommy says Nitro was yummy!" (Yes, I was a fan of American Gladiators in the late 80s! With guys like Nitro on it, who wasn't??)

Attempting to redeem myself as the conversation was QUICKLY making me look bad, I said, "Okay, but... who's the yummiest man of all?"

G yelled, "DADDY!"

A yelled, "Jesus!"

Hmm..... I think we need to work on this topic a bit more. And I need to find some new adjectives. :D

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's beautiful in Iowa

On the second day in God's country, we went to my sister's house in the country. My niece was heading off to her senior homecoming dance and asked me to do her hair. Um...okay. She handed me a curling iron and a bottle of hairspray and then sat patiently in the chair for the next hour while I corkscrew curled her hair. I think it came out pretty good considering my inexperience at this.

Isn't she pretty??

Of course, when I said, "Who do you love the most for slavin' over your hair??" I got this look. Stinker.

She rebounded nicely into the sweet girl I love tho.

But truly, this might be the one I put on the wall. It makes me smile.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back in God's country

The girls and I road tripped back to God's country for the weekend. They had a wonderful time playing and 'helping' at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Here's the little two completely excited to go pick apples.

M and Grandpa picked lots of apples. She also talked Grandpa's ear off. Unfortunately between her speech and Grandpa's poor hearing, I'm fairly certain he didn't understand a thing she said to him ALL weekend. Notice, that didn't stop her from running her mouth. Hmm...wonder who she got that trait from? Grandpa pulled out not one, but two ladders for them to pick apples. He was initially concerned that they'd fall off the ladders. I'm happy to say no one did, but that's probably only because when G asked Grandma if she could sit on the top of the ladder, Grandma told her no.

Instead, she had to stretch.

Every time I visit my folks, my dad gets a bucket and wipes down my van. He seems especially diligent when I have a new van. This trip I think I managed to collect about 1/2 the bug population of the world on my windshield so I very much appreciated this wash job!
M 'helped'. She pointed out all the bugs for him to scrub off. And Grandpa obliged.
She decided to help Grandpa out by mowing his yard. Grandma found this great environmentally friendly mower at a garage sale and all the grandkids love to push it around. They each last about 2 minutes. I think M lasted a full 5. She had to work really hard.
See the garden in the background? The spent a good amount of time in there picking beans and tomatoes. Maybe I should plant a garden? The girls viewed it as a snack bar. I wouldn't have to cook lunch allll summer!
In a few years, she'll be ready for a real mower. Why do I get the feeling that day's coming waaay too fast?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A typical school day

Today G was reading to me and she got stuck on the word "while". She was trying but it just wasn't coming out right even after mulitple tries.

After listening to her sister struggle, M came to her rescue. "I read it for you Yell!" and she came running to jump up on the couch beside her big sis. She leaned in close to the book and said, "Pooooneee. Pony! There you go Yell!" and then darted back to the table to do her 'schoolwork'.

I think she wins helper of the day. :)

Mass, Weight & Matter

I was explaining the difference between weight and mass to A this morning. Your weight changes, your mass doesn't. Since the word matter came up, I had to go back to my 3rd grade science fair project and quote "There are 4 states of matter: solid, liquid, gas and plasma." (Plasma wasn't really as state of matter when I was in 3rd grade tho.)

She thinks and says, "We're made of matter? Like you, when you eat onions? You're solid, liquid, plasma and gas!

Um....yeah. Somethin' like that.

Monday, September 15, 2008


My friend Debi tagged me for the One Word Meme. "Oooh, fun!" I thought until I read the answers and realized they seemed vaguely familiar.

My answers are here.

A few of my answers have changed tho--so here are the updates (LOL):

21. My computer: new (Gotta love a man who gets tired of fixin' stuff so he upgrades!)
25. My car: Sienna (and I LOVE it waaay more than my old 'boring' car!)

Now...let me tell you about my friend Debi. Debi and I go waaaay back. Way. Seriously, like the 3 year old Sunday School class at church, way back. We survived confirmation classes, got saved the same summer, went to different colleges, but still hung out together and at one point early in our married lives we lived 3 houses apart from each other. Debi's an incredible inspiration; in the last few years she's lost a bunch of weight and become a personal trainer. She's amazing! A year or so ago she moved away from God's country aka Iowa and since I know the pain that inflicts, we've kinda reconnected via the wonderful internet. Even if we don't talk all that often, it's always good to know that you've got lifelong friends. :D

Another fun tidbit--our moms graduated from our local high school together, our older sisters graduated from that same school 20 years later and 10 years after that, Debi and I graduated from the same little school in central Iowa. :)

Sunny days....chasin' the clouds away....

This weekend has been rainy and gray and my mood's matched that. Oy. Today's a new day tho and I have these great pictures from a couple weeks ago of my favorite little people to brighten my day.

This child loves to pose.


My neighbor says watching my children play makes her nervous. Do you think this is why? She is about 4 feet above my head.

And then there's my little swinger. She likes to swing scary high.
Now if the sun comes out again, we can relive last week. Sunny days and moods are a good thing.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some people!

Yesterday was a gray dreary day here and we decided to go see a movie at the cheap theater after naps. Actually, we went to two movies--the DaddyMan took in X-Files while the girls and I took in Kung Fu Panda.

The girls and I got our popcorn, found seats and watched other people come in. In front of us was a mom, her son who was about 6 and another woman that I assumed was grandma. I'd noticed when they came in that grandma seemed to stagger a bit and was very chatty with the two people that she accompanied. Had she been drinking? Is she a bit socially backward or what?

Partway thru the movie, I decided 'chatty' was an understatement for this woman. She talked! Oy! I said the ever polite, "SHH!" several times, the woman she was with did the same and by the end of the movie, the younger woman was loudly saying "Marci would you PLEASE stop talking??" This lady didn't get the hint.

She couldn't keep the good guy straight from the bad guy, when the movie got a tiny bit slow she lamented how boring it was, during the fight scenes she went back and forth between cheering for the good guy, saying this was too violent for children and then... calling the bad guy a string of bad words!

That's when I finally got REALLY annoyed and had to say, "There are CHILDREN here, could you PLEASE watch your language!" That stopped her foul mouth but not her chattering. By the end of the movie she was convinced it was a bad movie and muttered the entire way out of the theater about what a bad movie it was to anyone who could listen.

The woman she was with had practically ran her down as she towed her son to the door and directly out of the theater. Crazy drunk woman was left by herself to tell the world what a horrible movie it was and to find their car on her own. Part of me feels sorry for her and part of me still wants to slap her and tell her to SHUT UP!

I suppose at some point I could've gone and tattled to an employee but I thought surely at some time she'd stop, ya know? And really, who wants to tattle on someone who's not really dangerous--just highly annoying?

As for my critique of the movie? It was lame. Thankfully we paid to see where it only cost about $8 for all of us instead of the $25 we'd normally spend. :P

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random thoughts

1. I like Webkins. I'm currently spending waaaay too much time playing Smoothie Moves. I can get to level 15. Just for fun, go ask
Erica how high she can get. (Don't tell her I sent you....she's a wee bit competitive.)

2. I hate reading series of books before I can read all the books. I must have all the books in my possession before reading. I'm currently reading a serial story on a blog and it's not done yet. It's makin' me nuts. I have a good idea of how it's going to end up and who's gonna get the girl...but still.

3. 6th grade math is fun. A doesn't share my enthusiasm, but we're finally doing fun stuff.

4. 1st grade math is very boring. Seriously I'm not sure why I'm teaching this--it's stuff she knows.

5. I'm thankful I'm homeschooling this week. I've been hanging out in the neighborhood school during M's speech class and I heard the public school librarian of 22 years tell the children, "And don't borrow your library books to a friend." Um... hello?? Grammar..anyone? Just because we often discuss the finer points of 'redneck' during grammar doesn't mean I'm not really teaching them good grammar. Or tryin' too.

6. Fall is here. It's cold at night. I like that. I don't like the idea of the impending winter tho.

7. Dog flatuence is forcing me to leave this room. Quickly....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How'd that happen?

It's Wednesday? Already? Shoot--seems like I lost couple of days in there somewhere. Oops.

What have we been up too. Hmm....

I filled my etsy shop FINALLY. You'll find it HERE if you're interested in something like this:

Or some cuteness of this variety.

That little cutie, Miss M has started her speech class this week and is enjoying herself. We've been encouraging her to say her sounds more clearly and apparently ONE of us is trying too hard and annoying the small princess. Why do I think this? Because any time A, G or I tell her, "Can you say....." she'll say, "Stop it DAD!"

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Well, THAT was humbling!

Instead of napping today, I opted to rope the DaddyMan and A into playing Scrabble this afternoon.

They BOTH beat me.

I'm so insanely humbled. :sniff:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Game Time!

A few nights ago a friend came over and we played Scrabble. I don't think I played since I played in college and I spelled out 'sequoia". This round, I played SEVERAL good words, as you can see below. My competitor was a very good and together, we used EVERY tile! I've never done that before! :D

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gotta love Pipers

This video cracks me up. It's short and funny so do it... click the link. :)

See another Piper in action here

My Piper would've skipped that hand step tho and just licked his head. ;)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Back to School.

We started school um...last week. (And took a field trip to Six Flags on day 4--yeah, we like to have a fun homeschool!). :)

Here's my 5th grader. It's been a summer full of bug bites for her.

Here's our favorite first grader. :)

And here's the sweet preschooler that keeps us all on our toes.

This will not be our Christmas card photo. Man, getting three kids to look good all at the same instant is a challenge!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Memories are made of this.

We went to Six Flags.

Some of us had more fun than others.

(and just for fun, notice what exactly the DaddyMan felt he should hang on to.)