Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back in God's country

The girls and I road tripped back to God's country for the weekend. They had a wonderful time playing and 'helping' at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Here's the little two completely excited to go pick apples.

M and Grandpa picked lots of apples. She also talked Grandpa's ear off. Unfortunately between her speech and Grandpa's poor hearing, I'm fairly certain he didn't understand a thing she said to him ALL weekend. Notice, that didn't stop her from running her mouth. Hmm...wonder who she got that trait from? Grandpa pulled out not one, but two ladders for them to pick apples. He was initially concerned that they'd fall off the ladders. I'm happy to say no one did, but that's probably only because when G asked Grandma if she could sit on the top of the ladder, Grandma told her no.

Instead, she had to stretch.

Every time I visit my folks, my dad gets a bucket and wipes down my van. He seems especially diligent when I have a new van. This trip I think I managed to collect about 1/2 the bug population of the world on my windshield so I very much appreciated this wash job!
M 'helped'. She pointed out all the bugs for him to scrub off. And Grandpa obliged.
She decided to help Grandpa out by mowing his yard. Grandma found this great environmentally friendly mower at a garage sale and all the grandkids love to push it around. They each last about 2 minutes. I think M lasted a full 5. She had to work really hard.
See the garden in the background? The spent a good amount of time in there picking beans and tomatoes. Maybe I should plant a garden? The girls viewed it as a snack bar. I wouldn't have to cook lunch allll summer!
In a few years, she'll be ready for a real mower. Why do I get the feeling that day's coming waaay too fast?


Cathe said...

Those are lovely pictures of a memorable day. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

Beautiful. You should add these to your home picture "shrine"...

Chris tagged me so now I'm tagging you, see my blog for details...

Anonymous said...

How fun!!!!!

Melissa said...

Those are wonderful! What precious memories for your girls.