Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How'd that happen?

It's Wednesday? Already? Shoot--seems like I lost couple of days in there somewhere. Oops.

What have we been up too. Hmm....

I filled my etsy shop FINALLY. You'll find it HERE if you're interested in something like this:

Or some cuteness of this variety.

That little cutie, Miss M has started her speech class this week and is enjoying herself. We've been encouraging her to say her sounds more clearly and apparently ONE of us is trying too hard and annoying the small princess. Why do I think this? Because any time A, G or I tell her, "Can you say....." she'll say, "Stop it DAD!"

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Carrie said...

Love these outfits! Very cute. They should bring in the cha ching. Of course the really cute models help. ;)

Nice job!