Monday, September 15, 2008


My friend Debi tagged me for the One Word Meme. "Oooh, fun!" I thought until I read the answers and realized they seemed vaguely familiar.

My answers are here.

A few of my answers have changed tho--so here are the updates (LOL):

21. My computer: new (Gotta love a man who gets tired of fixin' stuff so he upgrades!)
25. My car: Sienna (and I LOVE it waaay more than my old 'boring' car!)

Now...let me tell you about my friend Debi. Debi and I go waaaay back. Way. Seriously, like the 3 year old Sunday School class at church, way back. We survived confirmation classes, got saved the same summer, went to different colleges, but still hung out together and at one point early in our married lives we lived 3 houses apart from each other. Debi's an incredible inspiration; in the last few years she's lost a bunch of weight and become a personal trainer. She's amazing! A year or so ago she moved away from God's country aka Iowa and since I know the pain that inflicts, we've kinda reconnected via the wonderful internet. Even if we don't talk all that often, it's always good to know that you've got lifelong friends. :D

Another fun tidbit--our moms graduated from our local high school together, our older sisters graduated from that same school 20 years later and 10 years after that, Debi and I graduated from the same little school in central Iowa. :)

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