Monday, October 13, 2008


That's the noise you might hear when the mommy opens the dryer and discovers her beloved 10 year old stuck a pen in her pants pockets and left it there to be washed.

Did you know ONE ballpoint pen can turn the ENTIRE drum of your dryer BLUE? Not to mention how much blue got all over the clothes.

The DaddyMan took on scrubbing the dryer. In the process he gave himself a wicked headache and a possible chemical burn in his nose and throat getting the dryer mostly clean.

I used half a bottle of hairspray on the clothes and rewashed them and then learned you have to SCRUB all those spots too get the ink out. Lovely. Guess what I get to do today?

That's right, I get to go buy some cheaper-than-Paul-Mitchell-hairspray and then spray and scrub so I can wash these clothes for the THIRD time and hopefully get the ink out of two of my shirts and other people's clothes too.

Fun times, people. FUN times.....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Too bad it wasn't green ink.

Melissa said...

I bet that green ink comment is from Mary. And that has happened to me too. Thankfully the result was not as bad as yours sounds.

Oh. And word verification is still here. Are you TRYING to drive me off???

Jenny said...

Been there... Luckily the last time it was still good rummage season so I replace things that way... The kids and man all go running if I start yelling about pens from the laundry room! Someone has to pay when it happens.

karenamundson said...

you poor thing! just remember, even all that ink cleaning we can do for the glory of God! :-) it's hard to think of that in the moment though. Hope you can get it all out.

Kelly said...

That happened here with a crayon. I now check EVERY pocket EVERY time I do laundry. What a mess!