Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday recap

My baby's four. Sniff. I'm still trying to get used to this idea. Last night we took her out for baked beans (remember, that's what she wanted) and then came home for presents and cake.

The first present was from Aunt D and Uncle D. They sent a pretty card too. M ripped it open and pretended to read aloud, "Open the present, NOW!" So, she did and found a fun new book.
Big Sister G has two of these 'fuzzy' shirts from Hanna Andersson that she LOVES. She wears them weekly and M's been lamenting that she doesn't have a fuzzy. When I discovered they were on sale the other morning while talking to my big sis, she said to order one from her. M opened the box and yelled, "Oooh MY fuzzy! I've been wanting one of these!"

And then, she hugged it.
Next came a cool personalized Veggie Tales cd from Auntie C and Uncle D. As soon as this hits the van, I'm sure we'll have it memorized in NO time.

Finally, her present from Mom and Dad. What exactly do you buy a girl with two big sisters who've already received all the classic toys?? That's right..... a Plasma Car! A friend has one and my girls had fun on hers and last week while we were at the local toy store she rode one ALL over the store. Since it was on sale and I was at a loss for a gift idea, one followed us home (without M's knowledge!). It's a hit.

Now it's time for the lion cake, that I spent the afternoon working on, per M's request.

Hey! What's that I see from the corner of my eye while the girls are finishing their cake?? Could it be?? The DaddyMan?? Riding his child's new toy?? Or has some bald man broken in and is trying to make a fast getaway on a child's toy? (A cool child's toy--one with a 220lb weight limit.)

And this picture is from the morning. The happy birthday girl, with her new haircut, her new duds and her new toy. :)


karenamundson said...

awh, so cute. I love the "birthday girl" shirt. Chloe is 3 in about two months and yes I will have the sniffles too. Oh how fast and how precious is this time.

Mary said...

Looks like a great birthday celebration! And I'm totally loving the picture of the DaddyMan trying to make his getaway on the plasma car.

Melissa said...

How does it move? And Happy Birthday!!!

And you better never say Cathe is the only one that posts when I do all the time AND even with your stupid word verification on here.

Cathe said...

That car is way cool! Matthew is dieting strenuously. He still has a few pounds to go before he can ride M's car. Alex says to tell you he is down to 213#, however, and Pat is always under 200#.
We looked up the Plasmacar online and they were all impressed.

Cathe the loyal poster