Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A bit of gushing

The DaddyMan was out of town a couple of nights this week. I kinda missed him.

I missed having a grown up to talk to, laugh with and cuddle up next to at night. He barely minds when I put my cold feet on him.

I missed layin' on the couch with him after supper. We snuggle there often. He tolerates me smushing him into the cushions, encouraging Piper the Wonder Dog to lick his ears and occasionally singing to him.

(I'm sure he didn't miss my singing. Apparently when one is as musically talented as my man, you don't always appreciate a slightly 'off' singer. He can sing. He can play a bunch of instruments and if he wanted to play more--he'd teach himself. And he'd be good.)

I had a computer question and I missed having him here to answer it for me. I've never seen him not be able to fix a broken computer. I've seen him lay awake at night trying to figure out how to fix one and then get up before dawn to fix it. He's very smart. He's my resident geek.

I missed having him to walk the dog. I like when he walks her and takes all the girls so I can have the first 20 minutes of quiet I've had all day. It puts me in a much better mood for suppertime.

I missed talking politics over dinner. He's very smart about that subject too.

I missed talking about the Bible over dinner. Religion and politics...our conversations are a good addition to any party.

I missed the ritual he brings to my day. From the wake up kiss I get every morning, to the after workout threat of a sweaty hug to the nagging me to go to bed. When he's not around, I sleep to late, don't have my afternoon squeal about being touched by icky sweat and don't go to bed on time.

I missed cooking real dinner. I'm tired of eggs. I'm such a lazy cook when he's not here. I love that he gives honest opinions about new recipes. I always know where a new dish stands with him.

I missed having him knock my socks off after the girls fall asleep. You know what I mean. I'm forever thankful that I waited for him. He was worth the wait.


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

You MUST realize how fortunate you are... don't you? Your girls are also blessed by you!! Don't ever forget that... a momma who loves her man... what a blessing!!


Carrie said...

Awwwwww! He IS the perfect man for you, by God's design. Read this to your girls. Not much better than knowing the depth of their mama's love for their daddy!

Cathe said...

Matthew likes him, too. For entirely different reasons, though.

Melissa said...

That is the BEST post. :)