Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've been tagged.

Thanks to Erica, I have been tagged to share 7 random and/or weird facts about myself. While it was easy to quickly name quirks about Erica, I have had to put more thought into quirks about myself.

1. I love new socks. The DaddyMan and I share socks. When I buy new ones, I hide them and make sure I wear them all first before throwing them in our communal sock drawer. In my defense, he doesn't share the love for super soft, super thick socks that I have.

2. I like to do laundry. I consider getting stains out a challenge. I'm pretty good at getting stains out. I often talk people down at garage sales because an item has a stain and then I come home and get it out. I also don't mind a bit of ironing and love to neatly put everything away. In a perfect world, I'd have a big laundry room and devote one day a week to doing ALL the laundry start to finish.

3. Typos bug me. The most annoying one? Misusing a quotation mark. Just a reminder--'s shows ownership OR are used in a contraction. Today's Special is right. Grit's and Eggs is not. I think I'm a decent speller too and words that are continually misspelled bug me too. Look it up people!

4. I know what I've given everyone on my Christmas shopping list for every Christmas since about 1999. I keep a notebook and write down all purchases, including what I put in the girls' stockings. Anal? Maybe. Deal with it. Ya'll know it's a great idea. (Notice I used THREE apostrophes correctly in that sentence??)

5. My bra and panties almost always match. I feel 'off' or 'sloppy' all day if they don't.

6. I'm a carseat Nazi. I'm not afraid to tell perfect strangers that their straps are twisted or that their carseat's installed too loose or whatever. I have lost track of the number of carseats I've reinstalled for my friends. Oh, and just a tip--kids are safer rear facing. Some carseats are good up to 35lbs rear facing.

7. I can spread my toes really far apart. The big toe wings one way, the three toes in the middle hang together and then my pinky toe goes freakishly far out. Funny thing--all three of my girls got my toes.

I'm going to tag:

Debi, (I've known her forever. I could probably make stuff up if she doesn't do it!)

Melissa, my favorite Marine's wife,

Jenny, 'cause I want to know what she has to say

Cathe, 'cause I could name a few for her and I wonder if she'll pick the same things,

Jennifer, who makes me laugh

Carrie, who enjoys hobbies I can't imagine enjoying

and Mary,who loves to sew as much as I do.


Erica said...

Okay that made me laugh.

I do seriously want to know what you got Adrienne for Christmas in 2001 and of course what you bought GS. Unless of course its not something family friendly you can share publicly. If that's the case....call me.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh... ya got me! Ü

OK -- I'll play. Then I'll schedule it in. ;) Keep ya guessing... you'll have to read my blog every day to find out when it'll be up.

:tee hee:

Jenny said...

I tagged you quite awhile ago... so now I know where I rank on the friend list. :-) My answers are in my blog!

Mama Em said...

You may have mastered apostrophes, but you missed at least one comma! ;) My annoyance, actually, is the mix-up of I and me. I is not the more formal version of me. I is a subject and me is an object. Not that hard!

Mama Em said...

Hey- it has been bothering me since I left that post- I was trying to be funny, but I think I sounded like a jerk instead. Sorry- so not my intention!!!!!

Cathe said...

I responded to you. But I am curious... what weird and random facts about ME are you thinking of?

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...


Ta Dah!!