Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Little People

Miss M loves her Little People. The other afternoon, after a long day for me, she asked me to play Little People with her. She pulled out the dollhouse and told me to be the mommy. I said I was tired of being the mommy and I wanted to be someone else.

Granted, the dollhouse only comes with the Daddy, Mommy and Baby but on that day, ours had picked up a spare boy and M dubbed him, "Kid". I told her I wanted to be him and thankfully, she agreed. So now she was running the Mommy and Baby and I had Kid and Daddy. The first order of business was for the Daddy to run around, kiss the other characters and then go to work. He spent the rest of playtime at his office, under the couch.

In her syrupy little voice, her Mommy character asked my Kid if he was hungry. Kid said no, but that he needed to go potty. The Mommy's sweet voice told him 'okay, hurry!' and I took my Kid to the potty. Then he had to wash. So, I started making shhhhhh noises of the running water. The sweet Mommy asked what he was doing and Kid happily replied, "I'm makin' BUBBLES!"

The dollhouse Mommy is rather unshakable. She just said 'okay', and continued moving Kid's little sister from bed to stroller to highchair. So Kid continued making 'bubbles' and the noise to go with it. :insert evil smile:

After a few minutes of this (thank God! My cheeks were starting to hurt from making constant sound effects!) she told Kid to be all done. Kid went to the Mommy and told her he needed a new shirt 'cause his was wet. Sweet dollhouse Mommy ran up the stairs to Kid's room to 'fetch' him a new shirt. Then Kid made an accident on the floor and Mommy had to get him a new pair of pants. Then Kid started whining for food. Dollhouse Mommy was doing well, but she appeared to be cracking just a bit.

About this time, A came into the room. "Can I play?" ('cause you know, at approaching 11 years of age, she just doesn't get enough time with the Little People any more.... LOL)

M saw this window of opportunity and took it--with a vengence. She winged the plastic dollhouse Mommy at her big sister and said, "You be the mommy. I be the Daddy!"


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh - I was hoping there would be pictures to go along with this. LOL You are FUNNY!!! really makes me want to get my kids little people for Christmas. LOL

Jon said...

hmmmm...I think we need to play house today!

houseofestrogen said...

Yeah... we all need a break from being the Mommy occassionally! :)

Anonymous said...

TOO funny!