Thursday, October 9, 2008


Four years ago today...... I held this bundle of wonder in my arms.
A few months later, I'd learned about colic, a dairy free diet and that chunky thighs were adorable. (On her, not me. :P) We knew from the beginning that this one had her own drummer. Her own beat. And waaay too much personality.

And a grin that makes you accidently crop out everyone else around her.
Four years later...she's still got it all. And worn out Dora sandals too.
Happy Birthday baby girl!


Mary said...

Happy birthday, sweetie!

Ange, they're growing up too fast. *sniff*

Carrie said...

Ok, we must be related because I feel some of that same sadness. I have loved getting to be a part of seeing your girls grow up. They have all been so beautiful and yes, so full of personality----all good. Kiss miss M for me and tell he Miss Carrie loves her. Happy Birthday sweet cheeks!

I want to go back in time, just for a while....I want to smell baby, see you in my living room on Northwestern, and share an impromptu dinner......ahhhhhh.....

Nichol said...

Happy Birthday M

Love ya