Sunday, November 30, 2008


Whew! What a fun weekend! :D

My sister and her wonderful daughter came to visit for Thanksgiving. We ate turkey, played Wii, shopped on Black Friday for 7 hours, played Wii, ate some more and had a fun time just hanging out.

We also introduced Piper the Wonder Dog to Hottie and Reebok, the excitable spotted bouncy dogs my sister brought along. Once Reebok got past her, "Gosh I'm little and I must make the big dog fear me" issue, they had a good time running laps around the yard together.

Now the holiday weekend is over and it's back to life as normal. That will begin with a Sunday afternoon nap.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Jealousy is an ugly thing.

As you know from today's earlier post, the DaddyMan is suffering from the dreaded 'D' word. My oldest child is not.

Said child clogged the toilet earlier today and since DaddyMan's not feeling so hot, he was rather grumpy about having to deal with the toilet yet again. As he worked to unclog the toilet (that he may need at any time) he griped at her and gave her the great "Don't use too much toilet paper" lecture. He ranted for several minutes while he plunged.

He shut up rather quickly though, when A told him, "You're just jealous 'cause I can make a solid poopie and you can't!"


That was worth my time

I got our mortgage bill in the mail today. I saw that it was TWICE the normal amount and quickly realized I FORGOT TO PAY THE MORTGAGE last month. :eek:

In addition to now paying that lump sum all at once, I also had a $55 late fee. I sure didn't want to pay THAT too!

So I called to play the, "I'm a good customer and I've never been late before" card. But, of course, their stupid automated system was bein' a stinker and I was getting frustrated. I considered just hanging it up and paying the stupid fee. But, I'm cheap, so I kept trying because I figured my 5 minutes was worth the $55 if my plan worked.

It did!! The nice man who's English wasn't so great waived the fee!!! I got back the $55 I was going to lose for bein' an idiot!! WhooHOOO!

(and I'll ignore the fact that the still sick and therefore cranky, DaddyMan said, "How do you FORGET the mortgage??" letting the bill get mixed into the 'paid bills' pile on my messy desk of course!)

Let the fun begin

Someone in our family has an 'upset stomach.' That would also be known as diarrhea. Notice I spelled it correctly? I think that 'diarrhea' has to be one of the most misspelled words in the English language. I learned to spell it in college during a nutrition class. It seemed like either too much or too little of the vitamins and minerals we discussed would give you this affliction.


Someone in our family has this malady. You know what that means, right?? Frantic scrubbing? Nope. A haze of Lysol? Nope. Running to the store for Pepto and toilet paper? Nope.

No, we'll spend the day making up verses to the diarrhea song. You know the one, "When you're sliding into first and your pants start to burst, diarrhea. Uh huh, diarrhea."

If we come up with a new verse you should add to your repetoire, I'll be sure to post it. Stay tuned for THAT bit o' fun! ;)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Why everything's made in China

Because it can get to you faster than it can from California!

We ordered the girls some gifts for Christmas. Two of the girls are getting identical things and we ordered them from a popular website.

(What they really wanted for Christmas was to pool their money again this year and get Piper a friend, but we nixed that plan.)

Sorry, back on topic...

Package A
11/16 Package data transmitted to FedEx
11/18 leaves California
11/20 Arrives in Chicago
11/21 Delivered to me at noon

Package B

11/17 Picked up in Shenzhen China
11/17 (same day!) arrives in Alaska
11/18 (in the wee hours of the morning) arrives in Indiana
11/18 (before 10 am!) Delivered to me!

To recap---You can order the same thing from the same website and one package can take 2 days to travel from China, whereas the identical product will take FIVE days to travel across the USA. Go figure.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm annoyed.

Yesterday, on the incredibly liberal Barbara Walter's show, The View, Joy Behar called homeschooled kids "demented" and "afraid of other kids".

Have you MET my children?? They are hardly afraid of other kids. Heavens, they're so oversocializeded that they aren't afraid to talk to ANYONE. And demented?? While they do have a slightly twisted sense of humor, they're far from demented. I'm so offended by this @#$%$# woman's comments I could practically spit!

If you'd like to let ABC know how you feel about Joy, the former school teacher's insanely rude comment, feel free to click to contact ABC:

Thanks. Mine and about 2,000,000 other kids thank you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tonight at dinner I served breaded tilapia and tarter sauce for the ones who like to dip everything in some sort of condiment.

I noticed M holding her fork in one hand while she dipped and then ate her fish with the other, utensil-less hand. I had to ask, "Um, hello? Do you have a fork?"

"No" was her polite reply.

"Then what are you holding?" I asked.

She looked somewhat surprised to see a fork in her hand, so she carefully tucked it under the edge of her plate and then looked at me and very politely responded, "Nothing."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What are you doing?

Tonight the DaddyMan decided to pester me. Repeatedly. I'll spare you the details of just what he was doing to terrorize me, so feel free to use your imagination.

As I was starting to get totally annoyed with him, I told him, "You are NOT winning Husband of the Day!"

He replied, "That's okay, I'm going for Daddy of the Day instead."

A's comment was, "Oh yeah, whatcha gonna do??"


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Skills your 10 yo doesn't need to have

She doesn't need to know how to unlock doors with a bent paperclip. Thankfully it's not a skill my ten year old has perfected. Otherwise, what she would've encountered on Saturday morning might have left her scarred. For life.

The embarrassment scar I would've suffered would've left me scarred for life too. Far worse than the day she helped with laundry and she saw something I never needed her to see. The words 'leopard print thong' will forever bring back a rather unpleasant memory. And someday she'll grow up, have an 'Ah ha' moment and forever be eeked out.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to you.....

Guess who's havin' a birthday!

A? Nope, 6 more weeks for her.

G? Nope, 6 more months for her....

M? Nope, 11 more months for her.

It's PIPER! Piper the Wonder Dog---oooh OOOH! Our latest addition turned one today. Which in mastiff years is about...oh.... I don't know....25?

Remember back in March when we brought home the sweet little puppy? Isn't she adorable??

Piper's done a little growing in the last 8 months. She's gone from about 45lbs to probably 115.

She's bonded well with the children. This child especially. A's imitating Piper. Do you see the resemblance?

Oooh, someone's grown an awful lot in the last 8 months. Just think of how much bigger she'll be next year at this time!
Happy birthday Piper Wupper!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Mommy: Today we're going to talk about a lunar eclipse. Any guesses on what that is?
G: Who's that?
A: :laughter:
G: Is it a crazy person?
A: Is it a bird?
Mommy:, lunar or like le lune or Luna?
A: It's not a bird?
G: I don't know.
Mommy: How about the moon? Remember lunar refers to the moon??
A: Oh, right.
G: Are you ready for a margarita?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday's giggle

A few weeks ago I found these cute little cupcake cups at Joann's and used my 40% off coupon so I got them for less than the price of a new cupcake pan (which I needed, btw!).

I washed them and left the new cups and some other dishes to dry on the counter. I came back a while later and discovered this. (Click the picture for the full effect).

What??? "It's bear church, Mom!" Adrienne proudly informed me. And the two bears to the preacher's right? They would be the choir.

I'm going to be disappointed when she grows up and my house becomes dull, aren't I?

Friday, November 7, 2008

I finished something!

A year ago, I took a quilting class. The class was taught by my friend Cathe, quilter extrordinare and the goal was to make a Christmas table runner. I had a bad day during one of the class sessions and I wrote about it in The Day of Bloopers post.

This week, I finally finished my table runner! WhooHOO! I'll have it for THIS Christmas. :) Don't look too closely tho--I accidently turned one square sideways AND since I messed up the ends, I had to splice in more fabric. Oh well, it's still festive, don'tcha think?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just a morning with me....

I started my day with some internet time, a chat with my sister, breakfast with my girls and then some school.

Then I headed upstairs to chat with my best friend and put away laundry. Since she's gone back to work, our time to chat has been seriously limited and we are trying to make the most of the 5 minute phone conversations we do get. Today's conversation lasted longer than 5 minutes and were having a good chat.

In fact, about 40 minutes later, A came upstairs with a panicked look on her face. "Don't you have to go somewhere? Do you know what time it is?" I looked at the clock and realized I had FIVE minutes to get M to speech. M was playing in the basement, in her pjs, uncombed and unbrushed. Me? I was in bright orangeknit capris, an oversized navy tee shirt and I was also uncombed and unbrushed. And... I wake up looking a bit, well, greasy. (Eww.)

After screaming in the phone--"Aaack! I forgot speech! Gotta go!!" I ran into M's room for a dress and pony tail holder, ran down the stairs to dress her and loaded us into the van. I dropped her off, apologized for being late (somehow, we weren't very late) and told her teacher I'd be back in 25 minutes when she was done. Then I sprinted home, thru the shower and went back for her. Whew. Tragedy averted.

A bit later, I saw the garbage truck coming down the block. On the curb in front of our house was our piece-o-crap dishwasher that the Daddyman and my father in law removed on Sunday. (Yes, it looked as redneck as you're thinking). They parked it on the curb, hoping someone would take it. No such luck. I'm guessing that about everyone else in the subdivision has the same piece-o-crap dishwasher and no one else wanted it either.

When the garbage man pulled up and dumped my can using the handy grabber arm, I asked him if he'd take the dishwasher. "Sorry, I can only take what's in the can." Hmm.... I thought for a moment and said, "So if I put it in the can, you'll take it?" He agreed that if I could put it in the can, he'd take it away.

So, I threw the kick plate, hose and rack in the big green can and then..... I wrapped my arms around the piece-o-crap dishwasher and plunked it partially in and mostly on, the green can. Mr. Garbage Man, who'd watched me and my enormous feat of strength from the seat of his truck, used his handy grabber arm, dumped the can and we both went on our merry way.

When I called the DaddyMan to tell him the good news, he said he was going to call me Zorba the Greek from now on. (Note to self: look her up and see if I should be offended). When I told my best friend in our second phone call of the day (which lasted under 5 minutes) she was awed. Totally awed. "I know you're determined so I'm not surprised you managed to get it in there!" I told her I really just didn't want to pay $40 to have them haul it away. She agreed and we decided that when it comes to bein' cheap--I'm REALLY determined.

Now it's naptime and I'm really hoping that the rest of the day is uneventful. Considering I'm taking 3 kids to the eye doctor later today, I'm kinda doubting that's gonna be the case tho.

Monday, November 3, 2008

We now return...

to your regularly scheduled programming.

Today's the end of a 9 day visit with my inlaws. We shopped, we ate, we ate, we ate, we did some small projects and we played Fill or Bust. It was fun. I have great inlaws. :)

Now, it's back to reality. We took last week off school and now I have to go back to crackin' the whip and getting our school work done. My little scholars are generally willing and able tho, so hopefully the transition from 'spoiled by grandparents' to 'back to the grind' won't hurt 'em.

Time will tell.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's a small world

My inlaws are visiting from Montana. We've been doing a lot of hanging out, shopping, eating and a bit of sightseeing. Thus the slow blogging week. One day last week we went to the big museum in a nearby city. As we were in the elevator, an older man tried to convince M to talk to him. She didn't want to.

When I looked at him, I noticed that he was wearing an Iowa State University hat. I pointed to the DaddyMan, my father in law and myself and said, "We all went there. Do you know anyone in Ames?" He did. His son is the pastor at a church there. Not our old church, but the one we attended after our church's great debacle before we moved here.

He also told me that he lives in the big town next to my town. I asked him where he want to church. (Yes, I asssumed on this.) He attends a different church than I do and when I told him where I go, he informed me his daughter goes to my church. I'm going to have to track her down. Won't that be crazy?

As we left the elevator, (yes, I learned all this in a two story elevator ride) I overheard the DaddyMan saying something to his dad. I'm not sure but it was either a) I always talk to strangers or b) I can make an Iowa connection anywhere I go. :D