Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm annoyed.

Yesterday, on the incredibly liberal Barbara Walter's show, The View, Joy Behar called homeschooled kids "demented" and "afraid of other kids".

Have you MET my children?? They are hardly afraid of other kids. Heavens, they're so oversocializeded that they aren't afraid to talk to ANYONE. And demented?? While they do have a slightly twisted sense of humor, they're far from demented. I'm so offended by this @#$%$# woman's comments I could practically spit!

If you'd like to let ABC know how you feel about Joy, the former school teacher's insanely rude comment, feel free to click to contact ABC:

Thanks. Mine and about 2,000,000 other kids thank you.


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Cathe said...

Demented... well, it depends on the definition. The sense of humor thing... I might have a hard time defending that one.

Afraid? I wish they WERE more afraid. Of people, things, situations... I should have invoked the boogeyman periodically when they were little, so they would grow up with a healthy amount of fear.

I would say that no one really cares what actresses have to say, but in reality, people ARE swayed by the political and social opinions of their favorite actors, musicians, models... Just look at the people whose presidential vote was decided by Oprah!