Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's a small world

My inlaws are visiting from Montana. We've been doing a lot of hanging out, shopping, eating and a bit of sightseeing. Thus the slow blogging week. One day last week we went to the big museum in a nearby city. As we were in the elevator, an older man tried to convince M to talk to him. She didn't want to.

When I looked at him, I noticed that he was wearing an Iowa State University hat. I pointed to the DaddyMan, my father in law and myself and said, "We all went there. Do you know anyone in Ames?" He did. His son is the pastor at a church there. Not our old church, but the one we attended after our church's great debacle before we moved here.

He also told me that he lives in the big town next to my town. I asked him where he want to church. (Yes, I asssumed on this.) He attends a different church than I do and when I told him where I go, he informed me his daughter goes to my church. I'm going to have to track her down. Won't that be crazy?

As we left the elevator, (yes, I learned all this in a two story elevator ride) I overheard the DaddyMan saying something to his dad. I'm not sure but it was either a) I always talk to strangers or b) I can make an Iowa connection anywhere I go. :D

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