Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday's giggle

A few weeks ago I found these cute little cupcake cups at Joann's and used my 40% off coupon so I got them for less than the price of a new cupcake pan (which I needed, btw!).

I washed them and left the new cups and some other dishes to dry on the counter. I came back a while later and discovered this. (Click the picture for the full effect).

What??? "It's bear church, Mom!" Adrienne proudly informed me. And the two bears to the preacher's right? They would be the choir.

I'm going to be disappointed when she grows up and my house becomes dull, aren't I?


Beth said...

Yes! I WILL be disappointed! What will you and G EVER do to save yourselves from your mundane selves!

Somehow, I think you'll manage...grin.

Cathe said...

You did not. They were on sale, so you couldn't use your 40% off coupon, but you wanted them so you bought them anyhow.

I love your girls.

DangitAnge said...

Oh dear...Cathe's right. They were under $5 anyway! :D