Monday, November 24, 2008

Why everything's made in China

Because it can get to you faster than it can from California!

We ordered the girls some gifts for Christmas. Two of the girls are getting identical things and we ordered them from a popular website.

(What they really wanted for Christmas was to pool their money again this year and get Piper a friend, but we nixed that plan.)

Sorry, back on topic...

Package A
11/16 Package data transmitted to FedEx
11/18 leaves California
11/20 Arrives in Chicago
11/21 Delivered to me at noon

Package B

11/17 Picked up in Shenzhen China
11/17 (same day!) arrives in Alaska
11/18 (in the wee hours of the morning) arrives in Indiana
11/18 (before 10 am!) Delivered to me!

To recap---You can order the same thing from the same website and one package can take 2 days to travel from China, whereas the identical product will take FIVE days to travel across the USA. Go figure.

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