Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Score!

In the last couple of years, my girls have gotten into American Girl dolls. We've managed to skip the whole Barbie flood and I consider the American Girl dolls a much better option! I was fortunate enough to find six American Girl dolls at garage sales last summer and some books and clothes too. I thought I was well set for my gift giving for years to come.

That is, until A informed me that if she could have any if the American Girl dolls, she'd want Jess. The problem with getting the Jess doll is that she was a "Girl of a Year" which means she was made for one year and then retired. That also means she's selling for more than her retail price on eBay. This mama's cheap! If I pay more than retail for something, I'll lose my title of cheap. Or frugal. Or thrifty.

So she told me she'd love to have Jess, I told her I agreed she was a beautiful doll but that she was pretty expensive on eBay and that's where the conversation ended. I didn't really give it another thought.


I was surfing Craigslist and saw someone had a NRFB (never removed from box!!!) Jess for best offer. I emailed, learned that the previous best offer was only $50. I offered $60 and picked her up yesterday. WhooHOO!

I cannot wait to see A's face on Christmas morning. She's going to be SO totally excited!!

I'd also picked up an Elizabeth doll to give to one of them at some point and while I don't really want to give G a long haired doll at her age, I know that this is the doll of HER dreams and she too will be beside herself on Christmas morning.

Sometimes it really is fun to be the mama!! :D


Anonymous said...

YEA! We need a picture of her opening it!!


houseofestrogen said...

Wow! What a score!! Good job!

Cathe said...

I like the Jess doll! :)

See you after Christmas... we will have lots of projects to do when I get back!