Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Church with G

Generally my two little girls have Sunday School during the hour that we're in church. Due to Christmas, all kids first grade on up get to go to big church with their parents.

G has finally gotten to the point that she's okay in big church--not talking, not too wiggly, not picking out wedgies for all the world to see.

She's decided tho, that she likes to be held during the worship part of church. So while we stand and sing, she wants me to hold her. The.entire.time. She's not usually too bad to hold because when you hold G, The Noodle Girl, she kind of just melts into you and drapes herself on you. She also only weighs 45lbs so she's fairly portable.

And while she snuggles up against you for the 20 to 30 minute worship time, she also likes to give butterfly kisses to your cheeks while you sing. She never complains about my singing either, unlike some people.

While I'm generally somewhat relieved when it's time to put her down at the end of the singing, I truly do enjoy our Sunday morning cuddles while we worship together. I'll be a bit sad when she's too big to pick up and cuddle so easily. I'm afraid that day's coming all too soon.

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