Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to A!

My wonderful firstborn is a Christmas baby. A preeclampsia induced birth on Christmas Eve gave her that birthday. She thinks it's great to share a birthday with Jesus. Please don't tell her otherwise. :)

Here she is with a cool quilting book from Aunty C and Uncle D. Aunty C makes the most gorgeous quilts and I think she's trying to get A to share her love. I think that day could be coming.

A's into American Girl dolls. Have I mentioned that lately? But when your mom's a garage saler, it makes it hard to find complete sets of books in one sitting. Therefore we have a hodgepodge of the stories and only a few complete sets of any of the girls' stories. So getting not one, but three complete sets was a big perk. And since she'd been suspicious one day last summer when I called home and asked which dolls she had complete book sets of--her curiosity was finally satisfied.

Ooh look--a new American Girl. (This one came from a garage sale--anyone surprised??)

And my 'I'm going face paint myself' girl blowing out 11 candles on her lemon cake. (She didn't take my "You can't go wrong with chocolate" advice).
Happy Birthday sweet A. You were the best (okay, second best after Jesus) Christmas present ever and I love you dearly! You're a great kid, you make me laugh and you're a great companion. I love you!

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Anna said...

Happy Birthday from a fellow Christmas baby! :D